Yo! S1 E15 – Sketch 50 Bug, Bulma CSS, Google Material Theming

Yo! friends it’s Rob from One Page Love
and this week I’m covering sketch 50 Google’s material theming Bulman CSS and
more in the design and development space so I received the most epic email from
Darwin from San Francisco suggesting I highlight quality but underrated apps we
should all be using everyday what I want to know from you is what are the apps
you love but you know that they are the unsung heroes of the industry design
apps developing apps productivity apps please comment below and I’d love to go
through them and feature the best ones massive thank you to this week’s show
sponsor flywheel managed wordpress hosting once your site is up they take
care of everything from nightly backups speed optimization security and more
just a routine reminder everything I mention is linked below so sit back
relax and enjoy the show so sketch 50 is out but wait don’t
update yet based on collective feedback I found online you cannot change
multiple style type in one go the bug means you need to tediously change type
individually on the plus side there are over 40 minor improvements and 60 bug
fixes in this release since the last version
Google is on fire recently announcing material theming this equal to its
material design system allowing companies to apply their brand colors
typefaces and shapes consistently across the assets naturally the new gmail
redesign I announced in yo last week supports material theming the easiest
way to get started is download the material theming plug-in for sketchup’
linked below and dive right in Awards the world’s biggest website Awards
portal has redesigned I think the new direction is bold minimal and confident
I’d love to know what you think hit me up in the comments below pilcrow have launched this useful meta
tag checker that presents how a blog or website would look on social accounts
you simply paste in a URL and switch between Twitter Facebook slack and
LinkedIn with bonus tips on how to improve and optimize your metadata
Cameron Ahmed has released this awesome vanilla J’s library to create
interactive backgrounds there are fun styles to play with including background
reveal and a few background fading options bulma is an open source CSS
framework based on flexbox and built with sass it’s a hundred percent
responsive fully modular and available for free according to scramble
co-founder Peres borgin a lot of people are starting to prefer it over bootstrap
that’s why they’re offering a free introduction to the Bulmer framework so
our sponsor flywheel have put up this massive resource that they title the
creative toolbox inside a six thousand dollars in savings to help you build
beautiful secure sites on the WordPress platform it sounds overwhelming but at
least check out the list before your next build there are huge discounts from
top theme authors including sin peace theme Zilla layers elegant themes and
more our first most-loved award is this super
slick landing page for pulse read a new project time tracking tool neat touch
with a screenshot highlight animations as you scroll and create to see unique
and stylish pricing table in row format second up is this fun one pager for
ravenclaw map an interactive adventure through Hogwarts school you can earn
awards as you explore the rooms discover magical creatures and uncover the castle
secrets as you go an absolute must for Harry Potter fans artist Josie neuringer
has spent the last 13 years filling notebooks with his own visual diary each
notebook pages are packed full of his own writing illustrations stamps and
photos the arrangement is absolutely stunning and guaranteed to inspire any
wonder lusting illustrator or designer fieldtrips is a curated repository of
conferences covering design UX tech and innovation to get you out of your office
and into some inspiration ari when called together with Tobias Felicia NIDA
and the same piece team have released glimmerings a place for sharing Ari’s
beautiful 3d arts for you to use as wallpaper on your smartphone
the first wallpaper series is called relics and it’s completely free well that’s it for this week’s episode
make sure you look up next week for my first tutorial dropping on this channel
a final shout out to this week’s show sponsor flywheel managed wordpress
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