Yanzhe Ma – Computer Science student from Northwestern Polytechnical University

Hello everyone my name is Yanzhe Ma and
I’m from the Northwestern Polytechnical University and come here to
Binghamton University for the master’s degree and I’m from the
computer science department
As for Binghamton, I think it is a pretty good
university. Firstly, the environment: the air is fresh and clear, which is quite different from China. And secondly, the food is
delicious, not only has the steak pizza, but also has the
Chinese food. I love it! And I know it’s a very
important part, for the education:
the professors are very nice, they will answer all the question you ask, and
actually the homework is very heavy. In fact, I only spent three months here,
but the code I wrote is quite different
and difficult than the code I wrote in China which I
spent there three years.

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