WorldSkills UK Champion Yogi Raghvani – Web Design

My name is Yogi, I grew up in India. Mum was a food factory manager, dad’s an electrician and I always dreamt of
working in technology. Now I run my own digital agency in London and we employ over 100 staff. I moved it to the UK at the age of eight and at school I always loved ICT. I spent most of my time on computers and games and what normal
average kid would do. People wouldn’t understand how I think, people thought I was quite weird. When I got to high school it became a little bit more easier because
I started to understand the culture and everything. I used to hate some subjects
like RE or PSHE I didn’t really have that passion and still really love a lot
about IT and Business because I was intrigued to know so I had that passion
I want you to go like home and research a bit more. When I was 16 years old I
told my parents I was gonna start my own digital agency and they were excited at
the same time they were worried that I wouldn’t finish my GCSE’s properly or I
wouldn’t do college or A Levels properly but now looking at everything I think it was
the best thing. My mum really wanted me to go to university. So I decided I’ll go to uni to do software engineering And alongside all of that while I was finishing my GCSE’s, I was still running my digital agency that’s where your
business acumen comes in because you have to be good at managing and
organising yourself if you want to be a good business owner. I’m graduating from University next year and we’re actually working on opening up Our second office to take on big projects of a higher scale because we feel that we can take that challenge on and do very well. WorldSkills UK helps us kids explore different industries to get hands-on experience. It’s a new way
you can fast-track your career. If I was giving advice to myself I would say be optimistic get back up every time you make mistakes or if you fall over
get back up. WorldSkills UK has been the backbone of my journey and they’ve helped me excel in my career. The most exciting and challenging bit about my
industry is we have an impact on the world and we can help for the betterment. You don’t know where your choices are going to take you until you make them. Where will yours take you?

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