World without computer science

Will letters replace emails? Will we return to reading books,instead searching
online? Will we use old methods to communicate? Will we walk more? Will bycicles replace cars? Will we travel by boat? Or will we prefer trains? Computer science is about logic, problem solving,
and creativity Every machine and every technology is computerized
which makes our life easy and interesting. The invention of computer has brought human
great benefits and change our life forever. 1-Artificial Intelligence: Without computer science there is no A.I and that mean no heavy industry, no driverless
car in the future, and video games currently work with Artificial Intelligence 2-Computer Graphics: Computer Graphics is almost every thing on
the computers that is not text or sound. And examples of Computer Graphics videogames
,and movies. 3-Algorithms: Algorithms decided which emails get more attention, what movies you are more likely to watch,
which websites you are going to read. 4-Software Engineering: Software almost every where.

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