Wix Tutorial – How to Make a Free Website With Wix.com

Hello, in today’s quick tutorial I am going
to show you how to setup a website with Wix.com. Wix is a great option for people who are creating
their first website or their first company because there are limitless options for templates. And a template allows you to create a ready-made
website in a matter of hours. All you need to do is basically update your
information on the website and publish it to go live. Wix is free in certain cases, so it’s a great
first option rather than paying thousands of dollars to a web design agency at the beginning
of your company’s creation. So without further ado, let’s get into it. So if you click on the link in the description
of the video you will come directly to the templates page where you can look at the templates
for Wix.com. So the first thing is we are going to click
start now and click the sign up button. And just enter your email address here. Just copy and paste it. Enter our password. And click sign up. And that should be the entire process. So anyway you will be brough directly in the
logged in area. And as you can see there are tons of themes
here. So if you quickly look through the categories
here – there’s business. And inside of business there’s consulting,
advertising, marketing companies, real estate, finance, photography, restaurants, food, and
each of these has numerous sub-categories. But I just wanted to start with a blank template
in the beginning – just to show you around Wix. So once you reach this page just click edit
this site. Wait for it to load briefly. And it brings us to a blank template. So as you can see there are … it’s a relatively
simple interface. Here are the pages for the website. You can add a new page by clicking that button. This is where you save the website as you
are working on. You will want to click that often obviously. This is also where you can publish the website
live to the internet. And then here’s an undo button, and a redo
button. This allows you to view the mobile version
of the website. And then obviously the save, preview, and
publish buttons are also up here. So as you can see there’s also a header section
for the website, a body section, and then a footer. The header and footer are usually on every
page while the body section is the part that often changes. So there’s backgrounds you can insert here. And then there’s numerous items you can insert
– so text, images, galleries, slideshows, buttons, boxes, different shapes and icons,
different videos, music, social networks, contact forms, menus, lists, and blogs, as
well as a store. And then in here there are different apps
that you can install which I’ll show you later. Here you can upload images. And this is for the blog section. So let’s start by adding in the logo for the
website. So if we click and go into text, we can go
with the huge title. And just double click to edit, and the restaurant
will be called T-Bone Steakhouse. Just enter that in here. And then we can expand it out by just dragging. And then we can put it up here in the header. And we can add in a background to the header
by just clicking change header design. And there are a variety of options and by
hovering over them you can see what they look like. Then let’s add in a gallery for the steakhouse. We can do a full width gallery – so we just
drag it in. And that just brings in images to the top
of the page. So – if you want to edit the gallery we just
click change images. And let’s just delete these images and add
in new ones that are more relevant. So what’s fantastic with Wix is that it comes
with a lot of free images. So if you click add images you can upload
your own images or just click free from Wix. And so since it’s a steakhouse let’s type
in steak. And there’s a bunch of ready made images here. Just click the plus icon. And click add to gallery and then click done. And now we have a beautiful gallery at the
top of the page in a matter of clicks. So another thing that we can do is we can
add a menu to the website. Let’s go to the app market and wait for that
to load. But inside the app market there are 80 free
apps that you can use. And one of them happens to be a restaurant
app. So if we scroll down here… here it is. Wix Restaurants Menus so just click add to
site and it is automatically creating a menu for the company. We will need to add a menu to the top of the
page as well to link to the menu… but that’s relatively easy. I’ll show you how to do that next. So the menu loaded and as you can see it looks
really good. Everything has been prepopulated in here. So once you click edit menu in settings here
you will be able to edit and modify all of the settings. So let’s add in a link to that, so let’s go
back to the homepage. And let’s add in a menu bar for the menu page. So let’s click menu and as you can see there
are a variety of different menu options here. So we are just going to drag this in. Drag and drop. And we are just going to expand it out. And every time you add in a page it will automatically
populate into the menu so let’s add in a contact page. So just type in contact. Click done. And we have a contact page, so let’s click
add and we are going to add in a contact form. There are a lot of different options in here. The one at the top is pretty good so just
drag it in. And we can also add in a Google Maps icon
so if we go back to contact you can see there’s a bunch of different Google Maps options here. Just drag one of them in. They can obviously be resized. Line them up. And then we can add in a header over here. So if we go to text
we can say contact us below. And we can have some text with the phone number
on it as well. So just drag in paragraph. And we can have our phone number, the hours,
etc. But anyway I wanted to show you quickly how
to do it from scratch but the real power behind Wix is the templates. So let me go ahead and show you how to use
a premade template to speed up the proccess considerably and make a much better looking
website. So we just go to my dashboard and we’ll just
create a new website. So just click here my site, click create a
new website, and we are going to go click restaurant. And let’s just search for steak. And as you can see there’s a premade steakhouse
theme. So as you can see it looks really good. The text is prepopulated so really you won’t
have to spend a lot of time thinking about where to place things you’ll just have to
edit the text. So let’s go ahead and click edit this site. Wait for that to load. And as you can see it’s more or less the same
thing. So let’s just modify the text at the top here. And call T-Bone Steakhouse. Make the font a little smaller so just over
here on the right hand side. We can drag it up a little bit as well. So you might notice it says order online here. Let’s say we don’t have the ability or desire
to offer online ordering. So we can just modify this text to say Rated
Best In SF. And we can just drag up the text and that
can serve as the little reward icon. And then we can delete the order online option
from the menu. And as you can see the menu should repopulate
automatically … as it did. So then if we scroll down here you can see
that there’s this little section with 1, 2, 3. I think that icons would look better so let’s
go ahead and delete those and add in icons. So click add, shapes, and we can scroll down
here. And here are some of the icons. So let’s look at all of the icons. And let’s type in award. And here’s an award icon so just click on
that and drag it in here. I think it will look good if it is a little
smaller so let’s go ahead and put it to 75. And there we go – there’s the icon so just
drag it down. And you can do the same thing over here. So just copy – ctrl c and ctrl v – drag this
over and make sure it lines up. And just double click it to open up the window
and we can type in cow since this one is referring to steak. Click apply and then do it one more time for
another icon. So let’s delete – move over the icon, make
sure it’s lined up. And that purple bar indicates everything is
on line along the row. And this is referring to it being located
in the center of the city so there’s a couple of different options here. We can type in building and we can show city
buildings, or you could type in map. I like this icon so you can just add this
in. And so as we scroll down you can see that
basically you just have to repeat that a few more times and the website will be done. Change out the address, add in your phone
number. So if you want to change the copyright text
to 2016 you just type in 2016 here. One more thing is you definitely want to make
sure your website looks good on mobile because the majority of web traffic these days is
mobile. So just click switch editor views, click edit
mobile, and you can see that this rated best in SF doesn’t look good here. So let’s just get rid of it on mobile so just
click hide element, hide element, and as you can see everything automatically scrolled
up for us. These icons are also misplaced here. I don’t think they are necessary to have on
mobile so let’s also hide those. Also these social icons showed up on mobile
so good thing we checked it out. So let’s just hide those as well. But if we go back to the desktop version of
the website, you can see that the things we hid are still visible on the desktop version. So that basically completes the tutorial for
Wix.com. If you have any questions leave them in the
comment section below. And I hope you have a good time setting up
a website. One thing to note is that when you go to save
the website, you’ll have this link with a lot of different text here that is quite hard
for visitors to understand. You most likely want to get your own customized
domain. In this case it would be tbonesteakhouse.com. You do have to pay money for that, but I believe
it’s around $12 per month… yeah … for a restaurant website, it varies depending
on the category of the website you are creating, so if you are creating a blog I think it’s
slightly cheaper but for restaurants the cost is between $9 to $12 per month. Now in terms of the overall restaurant of
a restaurant that’s nothing. Basically your website is a marketing tool
so $12 a month is not bad at all. So yeah, I highly recommend upgrading simply
because it is quite important to have your own domain name to refer people to. Yeah, but thank you for watching. Until next time.


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