Why I do Computer Science – a female perspective

Software engineering touches the lives of everybody these days. The research that I do has the potential to put the software industry in position to
produce more reliable and cheaper software. Training the next generation of software engineers is fascinating they can really make a difference So my work, my research, my teaching never gets boring because technology evolves every day
there’s always something new and interesting to do. I do computer science because I’ve been fascinated by computers since my Dad programmed games to teach me to learn to read in the early eighties on BBC Micro whenever I could do my homework at
school using word processing I would. Choosing to study computer
science at university was a natural extension of that and I love the fact that my skills
are always going to be marketable. I do computer science because I’m
interested in learning things I’m really interested in learning how
different subjects fit together so linguistics philosophy mathematics science generally; how they all fit
together, how they’re interconnected, how they change our world and how they
change us and increasingly how technology changes our bodies but also giving myself different means
of communicating about those things to other people and
in keeping everything alive keeping all those subjects in the air and all in balance. Computer science gives me a way of doing that I do computer science because I love computer games I love learning about computer games and researching computer games I can develop games that help people
with health issues and they pay me to do what I love. I think that computer science is the only way to replicate the patterns of decision-making so it’s way to to understand incredibly complex nonequilibrium
systems that can’t be described using ordinary maths. I’m doing a PhD in human-computer
interaction because I have a dream and I believe every single one of us has a dream. Yes a PhD can be a long and tough journey but all these hard times when past and you will
be able at the end to catch up on many people’s lives using
technology to improve their living and the sense of achievement is
really awarding. It is possible you can live your dream.

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