Why are there so many Russians on the internet?

Whatever you do on the internet – read news
or play online games – you always come across Russian users. Sometimes it seems there are
more Russians in the web than anyone else. This will no longer surprise you if you learn
some facts about Russian side of the internet. Not everyone knows that Russian is the second
most popular language on the global internet after English. There are 145 million people
living in Russia and equal amount of the Russian-speaking people in other countries. After the breakup
of the Soviet Union the major part of its residents found themselves outside of Russia,
but continued to speak Russian. Now they constitute what is called the Runet or Russian internet. The Russian expatriate community is the second-largest
in the world after the Chinese. Which means that lots and lots of Russians are scattered
all over the world, and living in countries that have never been parts of the USSR. As
a rule the Russian immigrants keep their identity and speak their native language. Internet connectivity growth has almost stopped
in Russia, so the Russian communities and resources are now getting into other countries.
There is a domain extension .ru which means Russia the country, and another domain extension
.rus standing for the Russian language. Russian is a wide concept, that includes the Russian
speaking people around the world. The .rus domain extension is a point of contact that
forms the Internet society of Russia. In spite of Western mainstream media assertions,
there is no state-wide mass censorship on the Russian internet. Unlike China and some
other countries such global services as Google, Facebook, Twitter and others operate freely
here. Youtube is the most popular source in Russia, that is why you see so many comments
from Russian users on it. Russia has managed to make its own internet
services that have became popular worldwide. Take for example Kaspersky internet security,
Yandex, mail.ru and many others. Mobile internet in Russia is literally ten
times cheaper than in the United States, three times cheaper than in Germany and twice as
cheap as in South Africa. This is why there are so many Russians are
in the internet. Want to learn more about Russia? Click subscribe.


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