Who We Are | An Interview With Fresh Creative Marketing Team Members

What’s great about working at Fresh? I work with knowledgeable, fun, creative people who genuinely care about each other. My job is different every day. Our clients are different. My coworkers are willing to step into a different position to help each other out. So what I like most about working at Fresh is obviously our team. We’ve got a great team of people that work together really well, and always jumping in to help each other. But probably one of my favorite things is just partnering with clients to help them succeed. It sounds cliche, but it’s really cool when a client comes to you with an idea, or a desire to do something differently, and you can walk with them through that process of developing it, and then seeing it come to completion and grow their business. Things I enjoy about my job are the challenges that I face every day with websites: Making them secure for the client, adding functionality, making their business work better, easier on them to get their jobs done. The people at Fresh that I work with are great, and we do all work together as a team. Learn more about us: freshcreativeinc.com

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