Who Should Take This Course on Productized Web Design

Hey productizers, or should I call you that in this lesson we’ll talk about who exactly should be taking this course and what you’ll need going into it. And so we’ll find out if you are indeed a fellow product d’Azyr. This is important because we want to make sure everyone is on the same page going forward. So what makes you a product user if you’re a freelancer or someone who wants to become a freelancer and wants to stop trading time for money stop spending hours writing proposals. Build a scale business and build an asset that you can sell. You may be a product d’Azyr or if you already run a web design and or development shop and you want to even out your cash flow capture more of the low to mid range market and do it profitably and prove efficiencies in your current business or even create a separate branch of your business that targets a specific niche and is more scalable than you may be productize or and here are the things you’ll need time an extra 10 hours per week when you’re starting out is about all you’ll need to get going commitment. The commitment to complete the lessons and worksheets in this course especially in line with that 30 day plan drive the desire to make this a reality. And finally design skills are certainly helpful. This is a web design business after all. But you certainly don’t have to be a great designer so you won’t need programming skills though a basic understanding of HVM Mellon CSSA is helpful. Startup capital. We’re assuming that you’re going to be bootstrapping this business and then using revenue to grow it or killer design skills. Like I said before it’s nice to have some design skills but if you’re not a great designer Don’t worry we’ll show you some tools that you can use to make the designs for you. All right. So are you a product d’Azyr. If so I’ll see you in the next lesson.

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