What Styles Are Applied? Solution – Responsive Web Design Fundamentals

This was a tough one. Media queries can get complex. Especially when they start
overlapping like what we’ve got here. But, let’s go ahead and
set through each part step by step. AA applies from zero to 300 and
also from 300 to 400. Which makes its max width, 400 pixels. BB starts at 301 pixels, so
we set its min-width to 301, and it goes all the way to 600 pixels, so
we call that max-width, 600 pixels. CC starts at 601 pixels, so
we say it has a min-width of 601 pixels. And it doesn’t have an end,
so there is no max width. DD seems to be the same as CC,
except it starts at 961 pixels. That wasn’t too bad.

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