What is the National Broadband Network? – Telstra

Hi, I’m Catherine from Telstra, here
to fill you in on all the basics –
the what, why, when and how to
get your home connected to the NBN.
The National Broadband Network,
or NBN, is the new broadband network
being rolled out across Australiaby the government business
enterprise NBN Co
to set us up for the future.For most of you, it will replace
the existing network
your current phone and internet
run on.
NBN Co is responsible for installing
equipment in and outside your home,
but to use the NBN,
you will need to take up a plan
with a provider like us.When you connect to Telstra
on the NBN,
you’re going to experience
superfast broadband.
All our plans deliverdownload speedsup to 25Mb per second.Now, that’s fast.But what does that
mean for you?
For a start,you’ll be sharing
photos and videos
with friends and family
in a flash.
And then, if you add
a speed boost,
you’ll be able to do
more things faster
and really bring
your home to life.
In your home, I bet everyone’s
on their phones, laptops,
tablets and TVs,all downloading, uploading,streaming and gaming
at the same time.
That’s why having
a strong Wi-Fi signal
is more important than ever before,and with the Telstra Gateway Max
modem, you’ll have it.
For most of you,
once your home is NBN ready,
if you want your home phone
or internet to keep working,
you’ll need to make the move.When that is
depends on where you live
and how you’ll access the NBN.To find this out,
simply go to telstra.com/nbn
and pop your address in.When your place is ready,you’ll get the NBN
through one of three ways –
fibre, fixed wireless or satellite.For most of you,you’ll connect
through a fibre cable
that runs straight into
your home.
In some areas, fibre
isn’t available,
so NBN Co will connect you
via a fixed wireless signal
sent to an antenna
fitted to your roof.
And if none of these
options are available,
a dish on your roofwill connect you
via satellite.
So call today.You’ll get your own
personal NBN specialist
who will organise
for the NBN Co
to come out and install
your equipment if required
and then send you
everything you need
to complete
your NBN installation.
Or, if you prefer,we can organise for
a Telstra technician
to visit your home.Simple!And that’s your basic tour
of the NBN.


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