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Responsive Design Script So right now you’re probably wondering What is Responsive Design? Well in today world Internet is one of the most important forms
of media And the internets mostly consumed using desktop
computers right? But wait — how about mobile devices? Smart
phones and tablets. The share of internet usage on these devices
is growing everyday In 2011 mobile browsing took a share of about
11% Last year it was near to 25% And the prediction says that this year it
can actually overtake the traditional desktop browsing So what do all these numbers mean to you? Well it means that if you don’t want to lose
any potential clients Then you need a great looking website that
is also optimized for mobile browsing Because the problem of many current websites
is that the user experience on mobile devices is Well… How do I put it. Terrible. And that’s a mission for Responsive Design. Responsive Websites respond to the screen
size of the device you’re viewing it on So instead of creating different websites
for different devices Your responsive website rearranges the element
to fit any screen So you’ll get more happy visitors Which also leads to more happy customers Interested in responsive design? Want one of those responsive websites for
your business? Well that’s something we could definitely
help you with Contact us today.

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