What is Lingoda and how does it work?

Welcome to Lingoda – Europe’s leading
online language learning platform. Learning a language is key to succeeding
professionally as well as integrating into a new culture. But it requires time,
effort and discipline. There are many language apps on the
market and although convenient, they are very casual and aren’t always
suitable for serious learning. Offline classes are another option. But these are
often expensive and you have to waste time traveling to the lessons. Plus you
might not always get the dedicated attention you have hoped for. But what if
you had the convenience of a nap combined with the intensiveness of an
offline course? Lingoda offers online classes face-to-face with native
language teachers. You could book classes at anytime from anywhere. All you need is
a secure internet connection. Classes take place in our state-of-the-art
virtual classrooms, where you will receive instant feedback from qualified
teachers. Our curriculum and classes ensure you will progress quickly and
whether you choose German, English, Spanish or French, you could be on your
way to learning within minutes. Simply decide which Lingoda package is right for you and get started! You will need to answer a few questions
to find your learning level, and then you’re ready to book a class. All over the world Lingoda is helping people to reach
their goals. We could help you reach yours!


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