What Happens At & What Do We Know About Area 51?

The area we are going to talk about today
is shrouded in secrecy, and for that reason it has become the focus of conspiracy theorists. Is it a hiding place of aliens and weather
control technology, or it is merely a location where the USA develops highly advanced military
machinery? It is often referred to as a “Black Site”
where “Black Projects” take place, with black basically meaning, “highly classified.” Today we’ll look at one of the most mysterious
black sites in the world, in this episode of the Infographics Show, What Do We Know
About Area 51? We are told it’s called Area 51 because
it was named that in some documents pertaining to the Vietnam War. The Central Intelligence Agency gives it a
far less mysterious name and calls it Homey Airport and Groom Lake. This is a restricted area in Nevada, about
83 miles (134 km) northwest of Las Vegas. In 1955, the site was first used for flight
testing, but what happens there now is largely unknown. The down to Earth theory is that the U.S.
conducts secret military exercises there, which includes the testing of weapons that
are in development. The reason it remains so secret, of course,
is because the U.S. doesn’t want any of these experiments falling into the hands of
its real or possible enemies. Before we get into any of the more outlandish
theories about Area 51, we’ll tell you what we do know. First of all, it’s a restricted area, but
according to most sources we can find, it is not as heavily guarded as you might expect. You can follow a dusty desert road close to
the area, but at some point, you’ll find “No Entry” signs that warn trespassers
they could take the brunt of deadly force if they go any farther. It is patrolled but not as aggressively as
you’d think, and it’s more likely you’ll be told to go back or receive a fine rather
than be shot at, if you wander into the site. You can’t fly over it, and if you attempt
to fly a drone over there, you will no doubt get in trouble. According to some sources, the area is surrounded
by cameras and sensors, with one website stating, “the base knows every Nevada desert tortoise
and jackrabbit that hops the fence.” You can get up to the gates, however, and
you’ll have to follow the aptly named “Extraterrestrial Superhighway” to get there. We found there is even an ‘adult entertainment
club’ called the “Alien Cathouse” just west of Area 51. What we are trying to say is that it’s not
as off the grid as you might think. Ok, so we now know what kind of place we’re
looking at. But what happened there in the beginning? It was a child of the Cold War with the Soviet
Union; the U.S. wanted to test its military equipment in a far-off place. The military wanted personnel and engineers
to go and work there, and for that reason, so we are told, they gave it the nice-sounding
name of “Paradise Ranch”. The first testing would be of a high-altitude
reconnaissance aircraft known as the U-2 program. Soon the locals would spot weird things in
the air, or pilots would see strange high-flying aircraft, and this is where the speculation
started regarding aliens and such. Because the government could say nothing about
this, the UFO theories seemed almost credulous. Since then, all manner of covert operations
have taken place at Area 51, which you can find by looking at declassified documents. These include building and testing the “Bird
of Prey” black project stealth aircraft in the 90s. There are too many projects to mention, but
no doubt aircraft are still being secretly built and tested there today. The latest developments are all secret, but
you can check those declassified documents to see what went down there in the past. According to one expert, he believes present
projects involve “more exotic forms of radio communication, directed energy weapons, and
lasers.” So, what is all the fuss about? Well, some people believe it’s much more
than a place where aircraft is developed, and advanced weapons tested, but a site where
the USA’s biggest secrets are kept – such as where the moon landings were filmed and
faked. It’s not the moon landings, however, that
have attracted the most attention. It’s aliens. If you’ve seen our show on Roswell and those
people that say they saw aliens at the Roswell site, one might wonder what happened to our
little green friends. Well, perhaps they were taken to Area 51 and
still remain there now. Does that sound crazy to you? It might sound crazy if you haven’t heard
of the name, Bob Lazar. Lazar is a 59-year old American engineer that
told the world he had worked on reverse engineering several flying saucers. He made this public at first under a pseudonym
when his face was blacked out in an interview on American TV in 1989. He also claimed he had been given briefing
documents explaining that he’d be dealing with aliens from the southern constellation
of Reticulum, and that these aliens had been on Earth for around 10,000 years. To power their aircraft, they used the unknown
element, “Element 115”. Lazar’s critics say he falsified his academic
records, but Lazar says they were wiped by the government. The only evidence is his testimony, but it
must be said he is now a businessman and has no history – that we can find – of mental
illness. In a recent interview, he said, “Look, I
know what happened is true. There is no doubt. Period.” Of all the conspiracy theories, this has the
most credibility, only because this supposed whistleblower seems to have no reason to lie
and does have a background that could put him inside Area 51. Whatever the case, his words certainly kicked-off
years of speculation as to what goes on in there. From that point on, many people – without
entering solid proof – have said the site is riddled with underground tunnels leading
to warehouses full of alien technology and even captured aliens. But not all the theories involve big-headed
green men on a protracted vacation to Planet Earth. Others believe a group called the “Majestic
12”, who we discussed in our Illuminati show, actually disseminate alien stories about
the base because it’s really being used to hatch their plan of ruling over the world. Aliens are a cover, a diversion story. How will they rule the world? Well, they might start by de-populating the
planet. One of the conspiracy theories out there about
Area 51 is that it is the place where weather control is developed and practiced. Before you get carried away, we should mention
that many projects of the USA have been involved with weather control, including Project Cirrus
and Project Storm Fury, and while these were benign, who’s to say similar weather control
projects couldn’t be used more nefariously? That’s what the doomsday believers tell
us, anyway. What about the faked moon landings? Why was that flag waving in the wind when
there is no wind on the moon? NASA says it’s because the flag was being
twisted by Buzz Aldrin. Was filmmaker Stanley Kubrick in on the deal? Much cheaper to hire him than actually go
to the thing. There are countless theories out there stating
that the landing was a hoax, but these have so far all been debunked. We don’t have time to go through them all,
but you can easily find them on the web. One of the non-conspiracy related issues involving
Area 51 is that around the site there is a lot of radioactive waste and people have actually
died from radiation poisoning. Civilians who worked there have complained
of “rashes, racking coughs or dreadful skin conditions.” This has led to lawsuits being filed. In 2013 the LA Times called this, “The real
cover-up.” So, yes, the American government is certainly
working on some very experimental things in Area 51, and what goes on in there is kept
secret for a reason. But it’s anyone’s guess as to what is
happening as you are watching this show, but there can be no doubt it is related to destructive
forces. You may have your own theories or can provide
more information as to the conspiracy theories, but we certainly cannot find any compelling
evidence that supports some of the more outlandish stories. So, what do you know about Area 51 that we
haven’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called What Actually Happens in the Bermuda Triangle?! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
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