Vikings star Marco Ilsø jokes about ‘worst bit about filming’ as he’s ignored by animal co-stars –

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video  Vikings star Marco Ilsø might be an animal lover, but it seems the feelings not mutual with his hilarious video from the season 6 set  The actor, who plays Hvisterk in the series, snapped a video of him kidding around with some goats (geddit?!) as well as chickens, who snubs his attempts at making friends  Through a series of clips he just is straight up dumb out of luck with all of them as he tries to stroke or talk to them, only for them to walk away from him and ignore him  ‘Worst bit about shooting Vikings!!’ he wrote alongside it.  Better luck next time, bud!  You know what they say, never work with kids or animals By the looks of it because they’re real divas when they want to be.  Marco has always been posting pics of his hijinks on set, at one point seemingly becoming one with a bale of hay as he shot in the final series  At least he seems to be having a better time than his on-screen counterpart Hvitserk  In July, Marco hinted that his character, who has switched sides more than once in the battle for Kattegat, might not make it to the series end  Posting a photo of him bloodied and in the throes of battle during a Q+A, a fan asked if he survives the show and Marco responded: ‘Maybe…Maybe not ’  In another trailer, Hvitserk is seen tied up to a stake as the Angel of Death appears to come for our Vikings  It’s also thought he could be the man that kills off beloved character Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) as her fate looks more bleak before the show’s return  The Queen’s fate seemed sealed in a new trailer – and it’s not a great sign for anyone involved, especially as she’s about to feud with all three of Ragnar’s sons  Rumour has it that one of them will spell the end of the fearless warrior – but who could it be?    Not too much longer to wait til we find out…  Vikings season 6 launches 4 December on History Channel in the US and 5 December on Amazon Prime in the UK      

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