Use a public website with Office 365

– [Instructor] If you have
a public website already, you can leave it where it is and use Office 365 for everything else like email and collaboration. If you don’t have a website and want to set one up, consider one of our website partners. From the Admin center go to resources, then public website. Both GoDaddy and WIX offer professional website templates and technical support. Both come with exclusive discounts for Office 365 customers. Choose learn more. In a case of GoDaddy, sign up for a website plan
that fits your business. Once you’ve signed up, go to the website designer and open your site. Then edit and start designing
your business website, which you can learn more about at GoDaddy. When finished, you may need to update your domain name, so it points to your new website. To do that, go to the
Office 365 Admin center, open domains and update your domain name. You’re done setting up a public website with Office 365.


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