Troubleshooting Slow Internet Speeds | Support Videos

Hi, my name is Keith and today I’m going
to talk to you about slow internet speeds.
There’s no doubt that internet connection speeds have come a long way.
For example not that long ago, it could take more than five minutes to download
a single song. Now it’s a matter of seconds. It might surprise you that the
vast majority of slow speed problems reported to us at the Start dot C-A
service desk are actually the symptom of another problem that we are more than
happy to address. The reason your connection is slow could have more to do
with the problems with your wiring of your devices. For cable customers adding
splitters, filters, attenuators and even flux capacitors to the co-ax line can
have unpleasant consequences. For our D-S-L customers having a phone line
between the modem and the wall jack that’s longer than three meters, or about
ten feet, can significantly impact your connection speed. Slow speeds can also be
the result of the incorrect power adapter going to your modem, and or your
router. As strange as this seems, we actually find this one a lot. Sometimes
your router may need to have the Wi-Fi configuration reset, it may need a
firmware update, or your router may simply be an older model that’s reached
the end of its time. Another reason for slow speeds is that the demand for
bandwidth in your home may be maxing out your connection. This is often referred
to as saturation, and can appear as a slower connection, or a connection that
seems to drop altogether. Regardless of the cause, this is probably the most
frustrating issue you can have. Your connection is there, you can see it but
you can’t really use it. Click on our video about resetting devices for more
info. More often than not the modem and the router may simply need to be power
cycled. This involves pulling the power from both devices for one full minute.
Now I know it seems like we say this a lot, and why? Because it works. To test
your connection we recommend using Start dot speed test dot net. Run this test over a
device that’s connected by Ethernet cable, if possible, to eliminate any Wi-Fi
interference. Slow speeds are a pain. We get it. We really get it. But we’re here
to help. Remember, if you’re having issues with
your internet connection don’t hesitate to call us, or visit Start dot C-A to send us
an email. Thanks for watching. Check out our other videos. Subscribe, and keep up
with the latest from Start dot C-A.

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