Top 10 Scary Items Traded On The Internet

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Channel on the internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I
am talking about the Top 10 scary Items traded on the Internet – trading goes back as far
as human history – and there have been some crazy trades over the years – we are just
focusing on the internet for this video topic, but I want to know what the craziest trade
you have ever made is ! Let me know in the comments section below and also leave a thumbs
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up for trade! Which brings us back to our video So let’s start this list off with creepy
items you can find on BUNZ itself…..10 – we have creepy doll head candles – Like …. Who,
how, why? Who wants a wax dolls head – you can watch
its face melt while it smiles at you? I’m not in the market for judgment but I
have to say owning this candle treads a verrrrrryyyyy fine line between eccentric and super creep….although
I guess it would make for a great Halloween prop. If you are the right kind of supercreep then
this waxy head is still available on BUNZ and can be yours for 2000 BTZ… Also available on Bunz we have this COW SKULL
– 9 Bones. Bones for trade. Legitimate bones. I find this oddly unsettling… but also weirdly
cool in a Georgia O’Keefe kind of way. I am not sure what you could offer up for
trade for this decapitated cows head, but the woman who listed is looking for something
in the value of $120. Maybe you could offer up a rabbits foot, or
an alternative dismembered animal limb. This cow head on BUNZ reminds me of a COW
chair I once saw on the trading site Ebay! I am going to Segway into that bovine beast
at number * 8 – COW CHAIR
What a better place to park your hide…. I honestly can think of a lot of chairs I
would rather sit on than a cow bone throne but I am a soft humble vegetarian. Maybe Gaston of beauty and the beast would
like it though – as we well know he uses Antler’s in all of his decorating, maybe
he would like to branch out with an accent chair? Anyway the cow bone throne seller, based in
Pittsburgh, was looking for $375 bucks for their chair. The description says that the seat is 43″
tall by 38″ wide, made of real cow bones, is in excellent condition and is …I quote….comfortable
in a weird sort of way. The also claimed… Everyone loves to sit in it and so will you. Sure sure sure! Not an internet trade but a scary trade that
I really wanted to mention, at number 7 we have
Alligator for Beer Would you rather have beer on an alligator? For me… I’d much rather have a lovely cold beer
that a snappy wee killer! One man in Miami Florida felt much the same
in December 2013 and walked into a beer store to demand a 12 pack of beer in exchange for
the dangerous reptile . It seems that plucky entrepreneur had captured the gator from a
local swamp and trapped the 4ft beast in a box before taking it to a convenience store. The best part about the whole thing was that
it was caught on CCTV camera so you get an idea of what trying to trade a live gator
for alcoholic beverages looks like. He then later attempted to sell the animal
outside the store but got no takers – he was later arrested by police. NOW we are talking at number 6 – 35 Kilos
of Parmesan for a car This is my kind of trade… although I have
to say, I would much prefer the cheese. Ehren Thompson went viral on facebook when
he posted he would like to trade the wheel for something he has more use for, like a
car or a laptop. It seems Mr Thompson was gifted the 35 kilos
of cheese….which actually to be fair is an insane amount of cheese! That is like…. 70 percent of what I weigh or something like
that! A MASSIVE cheese… this isn’t just any
cheese, it is a Parmigiano Reggiano fit to feed an army. In his post he said that the cheese would
have cost $2100 in Woolworths…which still seems like a thing in Australia. When he spoke to the Daily Mail about his
prospective trade he said he didn’t want to say where the cheese came from as it would
ruin the mystique…apparently. If I had a car, I’d give it him for over
half my weight in cheese. 5 – Soul in exchange for Free VIP Tickets
Sell your soul to satan in exchange for tickets to the annual international black mass and
satanic orgy? SURE…. Whatever floats your boat! Website Necronomi is a website set up to encourage
people to sell their souls to the dark lord and they offer up a number of package options. The site says Satan takes great pleasure in
serving his customers the most tempting delights imaginable. One of those delights, it seems, is the annual
orgy where you can , I quote, be a celebrity guest at the most exclusive and fun party
in the world. Movie stars, rock musicians, champions of
industry, religious leaders, witches, vampires, and politicians mingle with famous (and fascinating)
demons like Astaroth, Baal, Lilith, Belial, Azazel, Marchosias, and Gumby. At midnight, the throats of thirteen virgins
from a diversity of third world countries are slit, and the participants disrobe to
fornicate amidst oceans of silk pillows and goblets of wine mixed with virgin blood. What a party. A murderous illegal party that needs to be
intercepted before more innocent virgins are sacrificed. Sorry to be a buzz kill! 4 – Disney tickets for Illegal Act
This is downright despicable It seems that in 2015, a former Disneyland employee tried
to exchange free tickets to the magic kingdom for a sex exchange using craigslist. 27 year old Darreck Michael Enciso attempted
to meet a 14 year old girl – saying he would arrive with condoms and Disney tickets. How disgusting. He didn’t realize he was communicating with
an undercover officer who arrested him . It seemed he had posted several ads on craigslist
trying to pedal the tickets. Disneyland fired him immediately. 3 – Humans
The internet, as we know, can be a dark and ugly place and these days a lot of human trafficking
occurs on the internet. This is usually conducted using untraceable
currencies like Bitcoin and happens on the dark web. There is an article on Vice about how one
of their journalists was conducting some research on the internet and they came across a listing
for trafficked girls – they even came across a woman named Nicole who was for auction,
starting at 150 thousand dollars. I guess we don’t need to go into too much
detail here – an awareness it is happening and that it needs to stop and that humans
should never be up for trade will suffice. It may not sound as dramatic but our number
two is something that most of us do every single day without an awareness of what we’re
exchanging and its true value 2 – Free Social Media for Personal Data
You may not realize this, but most people watching will have entered into an unwitting
terrifying exchange – the free use of social media apps in exchange for your personal data. Anyone remember facebook selling the information
of 50 million users to the Trump Campaign? Many of us are also convinced our phone s
are listening to us and using clever marketing to advertise things we have talked about to
us on social media. But like… how else are they using our data
and who else are they selling it too. I wanted to end this list off in a happy way
because ultimately I do think trading is great! At number one we have the BEST TRADE in history….and
it involves swapping an afternoon with Alice Cooper for a snow globe Okay, no, sure, this may not be the scariest
story in the list but it is the absolute best story… it Is actually one of the best stories
that I have ever heard so listen up to hear how one man started with a giant paperclip
and ended up with a house….and yes, the story involves Alice Cooper and a snow Globe. So this is Kyle Macdonald. In exactly a year he managed to conduct 14
internet trades that resulted in him being handed the keys to his own home….and beyond
that, he had an awesome story to tell, a story he turned into a book Kyle started with a
paperclip, which he swapped for a novelty fish pen, which he swapped for a handmade
door knob, which then got him a camping stove, which he swapped for a generator, then a keg
of beer with a neon sign, which is when things got bigger as he swapped that for a snowmobile,
which was swapped for a trip to Yakh, which was swapped for a van, which was amazingly
swapped for a record deal, after which he was offered a year rent free in Phoenix Arizona,
which he traded for an afternoon with Alice COOPER…which oddly he traded for a snowglobe,
which seems like a slight on Mr Cooper…. Then that snowglobe was traded for a role
in a hollywood movie, which was then traded for a house in Kippling! How INCREDIBLE ! The power of trading, this
is what I love…which brings me back to BUNZ BUNZ BUNZ So that was the Top 10 Scary Items Traded
on the Internet! Thank you to our video sponsor, Bunz, for
bringing trade to the conversation! How are you guys feeling about that creepy
doll candle and the cow head now? Bunz also has a lot of cool and non creepy
stuff for trade too, don’t worry! Download the link for the app in the description
box and getting trading for awesome stuff in your community… then let me know what
you have found! Hurrah ! Alright thank you guys for watching
this video! Let me know what the weirdest trade you ever
made was in the comments section down below. Also don’t forget to like, share
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