The University of Memphis Department of Computer Science

How the technologies. Computer Science caught
my attention because everything seemed like a different puzzle. It is the field that gathered
most of my passion. From my childhood, like, I have a dream, like, I want to do something
in the cyber area, and wants to always develop a new program, so I choose the Computer Science.
Clever way of getting into the system. The teaching is the most important thing which
is impressive here. Computer Science is really evolving field nowadays because everything
is involving the computers and computing systems, so I feel it is really important to stay in
tune with the current existing technologies, and can incorporate the challenges that it
poses to us, and find a solution and doing research to achieve the goal to find a solution
for this open ended questions, and that is what Computer Science is all about. As of
now, the technology is being improved every single day, and you can do every single thing
by using the software and technology, and to that, you need to learn some basic concepts
of computers so that you can implement them in your life, in your daily life, so that
your tasks are done a little bit easier way. I think University of Memphis is one of the
research University in the Mid-South region, it provides a very versatile opportunity,
and diverse opportunity for the students to explore different areas of Computer Science,
and get integrated, and then can transfer their knowledge in the real life industry
and experience. Make sure the security is taken into consideration. They have some good
teachers, they have some hands on Professors that can truly lead you down the right direction.
They will go out of their way to make sure that you have all the tools and knowledge
to further yourself in the field of Computer Science to then lead into a very nice career
that pays very well. The teachers are great. The courses are very helpful. The teachers
will help you any way that they can. How is your project on? The research here, the opportunities
here are great, fantastic. There is also plenty of opportunity for work in Memphis as a city.
And you get a lot of opportunities to explore yourself, even if you are in one department,
you get to go another department and explore yourself as I am getting data from the Bioinformatics
Department. And this is most important, you get to explore different things and you get
to learn from different teachers and it is very important for you to learn, in the process
of learning. We can learn anything from here as we expose ourself and this is a good platform
to learn.

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