The top three resources for developers to watch at Microsoft Ignite 2019​ | Azure Tips and Tricks

Hi, are you not going to Ignite? Are you going to be
sitting on the couch, kind of like I am right now Well, don’t worry about it because in this edition of
Azure Tips and Tricks, I’m going to go over
my top three resources that you can do while at home. So Tip #1, on Tuesday, November the 5th, developers will take over
the Microsoft Ignite live show on the event
website This is going to include a
full day of sessions and demos starting off with Scott Hanselman and friends with our Azure
App Dev Keynote. After the Keynote, stay
tuned for a full day of virtual mixtape of behind the scenes interviews and
live-coding how-tos. Tip #2, is
all about sessions. You can go to the website and take a look at the sessions that are
currently available. You can watch this live as well
as check this out on-demand. And tip #3, checkout the Tech Community at Here you can share
experiences, engage, and learn from experts, while having conversations with the community about Microsoft Ignite.

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