The New Era of CS at UChicago: Expanding Data and Computer Science

John Crerar Library building is at the heart of our efforts
to expand computer and data science at the
University of Chicago. Today, computer
science is deeply interconnected with many
research disciplines. We’re adding faculty and
courses in critical topics such as data science, artificial
intelligence, human computer interaction, and security. Our new modern space
in Crerar reflects that spirit of collaboration
across boundaries. We have new areas for
faculty and students to work together,
experiment with technology, and connect with the
field’s leading experts. The Media Arts, Data,
and Design Center provides resources for
game design and research, digital fabrication, data
visualization, and GIS methods. The library’s renovated
collections and study areas preserve the building’s
original mission. We’re excited for this new
era of computer science at the University
of Chicago, and we invite you to come visit us and
our neighbors at the new John Crerar Library.

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