The Masquerade Part I – Escape the Night S2 (Ep 1)

– Has anybody talked
to Joey Graceffa recently? I feel like he has been
missing in action. And he’s not returning my texts,
he’s not returning my calls… has anybody seen him? [eerie music] ♪ ♪ – The evil of the house
had been contained, or so Joey believed. But it had a found a way
into the cracks in his soul, and there it festered
and grew, until an even greater evil
began to call it… [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ Taking Joey through time, to another era and to another den of evil. ♪ ♪ [door slams] ♪ ♪ – [groaning] [screaming] ♪ ♪ [eerie music] – Your presence is most
urgently requested. – Ay! Where you goin’? Lookin’ like a medieval
Girl Scout. – My friends, I’ve been away
for far too long. I want to invite you
to a masquerade ball at an estate like no other. I’ll explain everything
after you arrive. – “To attend, you must
assume a persona reminiscent of
the Victorian Era?” – “And be dressed accordingly,
or the carriage, which can bring you
across time.” – “Will remain invisible
to your eyes.” – “A package will accompany
your invitation “with the proper attire, which may contain
a useful object.” – What’s this? – “There will be people
and creatures “unique to the estate “that know their place “whom you will interact with. “You, however, will have no
knowledge of what is to come. “You will be a newborn babe
in this exciting and sometimes
frightening place.” – No, no, no! I am not going to another party
by Joey. – Not today, Satan! – Last time,
eight people died. Worst house party ever. [symphonic music] ♪ ♪ – I am Alex, and I
am a novelist. – I’m Liza Koshy, and I
am the explorer. – I am Tyler Oakley. I am a thespian. – I’m Lauren, and I
am the engineer. – My name is Jesse,
and I am the outlaw. – I am Tana.
I am a saloon girl. – My name is Andrea Russet.
I am the mystic. – My name is DeStorm Power. I am a railroad tycoon. – My name is Gabbie. I am a vaudevillian. [indistinct chatter] – I absolutely feel like I’m walking into
a life-size dollhouse. This place is unbelievable. – I’ve never been
to a ball before, but after seeing my
girlfriend Lauren in that dress, there’s one
in the near future. – Well, it’s his house. He’s probably just
here somewhere. – No, he’s been missing
for a few days. – I’m really excited. I’ve never done
anything like this where I get to dress up
with all of my friends. – Oh!
– [indistinct] – Oh, hey! – Welcome to my home. My name is Dorian. You all look so delicious. – I know that Joey
likes theatrics, but I started to get
a lot of bad energy when Dorian came
down the stairs. – Excuse me.
Where’s Joey? – He wanted me to greet you
on his behalf, as he should be making
his entrance shortly. I see you’ve met my
daughter, Alison. – When I saw Alison
for the first time, I was like, “Oh,
she’s kinda hot.” She a little creepy, though. – Why don’t you get
our guests some drinks? – We’re gonna wake up– – I propose a toast! – A toast.
– A toast! – To Joey Graceffa – To Joey!
– To Joey! – The man of the hour. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – To Joey, wherever he may be. [indistinct chatter] – My first impression
of the mansion is pure decadence. I feel at home. – Now, enjoy the decor, ’cause I shall
return for you when all is ready. – Oh, my gosh.
– What a beautiful home. – The chandelier! – You’re beautiful.
– You’re beautiful. – So what are you? – A mystic. – What?!
– What?! – No way.
What does that mean? – What does that–yeah.
– Um, I do a lot of potions. I talk to spirits. There’s a lot of spirits
here tonight, actually. – Wait, wait, what do you do? – I explore.
– Explore what? – I explore anything
and everything. Any crevice, any underneath
of the skirt, any inside the pants,
anything like that, I’m exploring it. – I would say just avoid– avoid, uh, dark–
dark doorways. I’m seeing bad…
– But I love dark doorways. – I just love to be
the center of attention. – I–I mean–I see that
head to toe. – What do you do? – Uh, well, I’m a thespian,
of course. – I’m a vaudevillian. Are you single? – I am exploring that. – Oh! – Tell me about your money. And your assets. I am a saloon girl. And I embody a girl
who comes from nothing, and she hustles her way up. – Railroads. – So how tight is
your security on the, uh, these railroads? – How big is your gang? – Jesse looks like a outlaw. He look, he looks–
he looks, like, he’s sneaky. I’ma have to watch him. – I’m just trying to survive. – I mean, aren’t we all? [soft dramatic music] How did you create this? – I mean, just
a little something. I’m an engineer, so I
create things of all sorts. In style, of course. – You made that booty?
– I made this booty. – That’s what Alex
is writing about. – Yeah, this is the muse.
This is the muse. – Are your books
on – No, no. Not yet. – Kindle?
– No, it’s not– – Libraries?
– I haven’t– – They’re just up here
right now. – Yeah, they’re
right here right now. – It’d be a shame
if they were– anything would happen
to you tonight. – Look. What is this?
– That’s him.. That’s Dorian.
– That’s Dorian! – Yeah. – That’s a Daddy, if I’ve
ever seen one. – This is the guy. This is the guy that
came downstairs. – Wait, that’s him?
– This is–this is Dorian. – I noticed something
was off with the painting. So I said, “Hold up.
We got to check this painting.” – Whoa!
– What?! How did you just see that? – Oh, wait a minute.
Wait a minute. – Found a part of a map. – Wait, wait.
– We found a part of a map. – Wait, wait.
– we found something too! We found a thing!
It’s a puzzle. – Well, it says either
“live” or “evil.” – This has to do with something. It wouldn’t be open
on this page if it didn’t have a meaning.
– There’s no way. – Okay, so–
– Try “Dorian.” That’s that guy’s name.
Or is that–that’s too many. – It can only be four letters. – A little bit too many. – It’s not Joey.
It’s definitely not Joey. – I am the puzzle master. I’m a Sudoku master. – I don’t think that’s it. There we go!
– I feel like we should– – Got it, got it.
– What do you got? – No.
– Uh, you broke it. – I think I just broke it.
– We broke it. – And this guy–we just
met this guy; he’s here. – Do you think he was just
reading about himself before he came down here?
– No. This is super cryptic.
Like, cryptic AF. So we’re like, okay, and we
took the book down with us to show everyone–
just to, like, bring the evidence
down to the group. Okay, so this bookmark
says “evil” on one side and “live” on the other. – [gasps] That sounds like
an Eminem lyric. – Evil!
– Evil? – That’s what it is.
It has to be “evil.” – Or “live.”
Try “live” or “evil.” – So we put “evil”
into the combination, and my heart is racing. And it works. [all cheering] – It’s a–
– The map? – It’s the other half
of the map? – A key!
– A key. – So we need to find
something that’s locked. – Could you come with me?
– Yeah. So Alison pulls
Alex and I aside, and I’m thinking,
“Okay, you’re shady.” – You’re gonna have to leave. – We need to leave? – Get all your friends and go. It’s not safe here. – What do you mean,
it’s not safe? – Is there somebody here? I’m like, “Oh, my God. Girl, I’m not here for this.” Like, I don’t trust you! But, like, also, I feel like
I need to trust you because I don’t think
any of this is good. – Your father’s ready
for you in the ballroom. – I feel like we should go.
– We should go. We should just–let’s just go. Something’s not right
about this. – Something’s wrong. – Everyone, uh, if you could
just follow me. – What?
[overlapping speech] – Where’s she gonna take us? – I get bad vibes. – [muffled scream] [all shouting] – All of a sudden,
Liza’s screaming. I turn around, the door slams, and she is gone. – It just happened so fast,
I felt like everyone was in shock. – We can’t leave Liza! – She’s gone!
She’s gone! – We’re really bad friends. We are not good friends. – Not matter what happens,
we have to stick together. – Is nobody concerned
about Liza? She literally just got taken
by a really hot dude. Where is Liza? – This is Joey
we’re talking about. It could just be theatrics. – All I know is, we need
to get Joey and Liza and get out of here. – Listen! My father’s lying
to you, okay? He’s not the owner
of this estate. You need to stay close
to me tonight, okay? – Okay. – Bring in the guests. – I mean, Joey invited us
to have a good time. – You’re probably dying first.
– I know. God. – Time to get lit.
It’s time to get lit. I like your mask. – Stay with Alison. [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ – I’m first, Alison. – Back off.
I already laid claim. – Okay, things are
a little wacky. – Stay close. – They’re talking about
claiming people. ♪ ♪ – You don’t want
to join this dance. – I wanted to join that game.
– No, you do not. Trust me. – Um, you guys? – Ladies and gentlemen! Dinner has arrived! [thunder cracks] – They are vampires.
– We are dinner. [screaming] [suspenseful music] – But first… the appetizer. – Oh! That’s Joey! all: Joey! Joey! ♪ ♪ – I was all down for a ball. And then it just got
real weird, real fast. – Alison, darling, do you
care for a drink? You seem a bit pent-up. – I’m not thirsty. – Oh, you disappoint me. Bring in the other warm one. [all screaming] – Liza! – Guys? – Now it all makes sense. Dorian called us delicious. There are vampires
trying to eat us. This is not what
I signed up for. – Why am I here?! Why are we all here? I’m about to get killed in front of all these people
I just met. I didn’t even have a chance
to party yet. – No! No! No! Liza! – I’m done waiting, Alison! – Back off!
[smack] – Oh! [heavy blast]
– Get out! Get out! Go! [indistinct shouting] [blast]
Get out! – Go, go, go!
– Go, go, go! – Alison! Lock the door! Morgan, secure
the corridor exit! The rest of you,
follow me! [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ – Why are we in chains?
– Ugh, this is so painful. – Joey, what is this? – How did you get here?
– How did you get me here? You invited me here, Joey. – I did not invite you here. – Yes, you did. You invited us to a dinner party and this doesn’t
look like dinner! – Last time this happened,
I took some responsibility because I invited my friends
into that situation. I didn’t know what
was going to happen. This time, I had no part
inviting my friends. Someone set me up. – What happened to you?
Why are you beaten? – I don’t know.
I don’t remember really much. – What is that tube
coming out of you? – They’ve been feeding off me. Apparently these vampires
are not keen on… taking it directly
from the neck. They like to pour it
in a glass. Fancy. – We need keys.
We need keys. Right?
– What’s that lever? Wh-what’s the–this lever?
– Can you reach? – Okay, you’re chained in.
I’m not. – [yelps]
– Oh, my God. Oh, my–did that hurt you?
Did that hurt you? Did that hurt you? Now, I love Joey, but I want to get the heck
out of this house. – Just do it. Just do it.
Just do it. – Oh, my God! Okay, you’re free. I’m not. You are, though. Hello? Hi, yes, excuse me. Is anybody gonna save me?! [overlapping speech] – All right, no vampires
in here, right? – Okay, guys, we have
to figure out… – What is going on?
– Where’s Joey? Where’s Liza?
Are they okay? – This is my kinda party.
– We should get out of here and then call for help. Why would we stay here? – So you’re gonna
just Uber home? You can’t leave. – So I think we’re all
thinking the same thing. We should get out of here
’cause there’s vampires, but we can’t leave Joey. – If you want to save Joey, we have to take down my father. – Why would you
betray your father? – There are other people
who want out. I’m doing this for them. Okay, now, a stake to heart is not going to be enough
to kill a vampire as powerful as my father. He has to be placed in a circle
of purified salt, burned by a sun stone, and then stabbed. – So we have to get ice?
– Salt. – Salt?
– You know what? My father used to keep
purified salt in this room in case there’s
a rebel vampire. – Of course he did. – Who is this Alison girl? Why is she being so nice to us? She’s a vampire too. – I’ll keep watch for you all. If there’s a vampire coming, you’ll hear this bell. – Oh, God.
– If they come, you need to get out of sight. If they see you, they’ll
drag you away. Okay? – Can we kill the vampires?
– If we find the salt. – I was feeling like
I wanted to leave, but now I feel like there’s
a bigger story here that I want to stay and uncover. – Now, you gonna ring
that bell, right? You will ring the bell, right?
– I’ll ring the bell. I promise.
– What do we have? The key…
– We have the map. – The map.
– The map. – And we have to get
out of here. – Who else is here? – I don’t know.
– What’s going on? – All of us are here to see you
for our dinner party. There’s, there’s– I forgot everybody’s names. A bunch of people here
were invited to come to your dinner party. – That wasn’t me. – Okay–
– I’ll tell you that. Do you think I
would invite you and then just be
chained up here? – Uh, I don’t know. You don’t remember how
you got chained up. It could be your kink. – Kink?
– I don’t know. If you’re kinky like that. Eh?
– No. That not a thing? Wait, how did you get here? You have no idea how? – I just remember, like–
oh God, I– um, I just… I don’t know. I feel bad, the fact that Liza’s in this position
with me right now. It–it sucks, ’cause I
know what it feels like, and to know that one of my
friends is gonna possibly go through what I went through, like, I don’t want that
for her. – [muttering]
[gasps] Oh, that feels so good. – Let’s get the F out of here. – Okay, please. – Did anybody check in,
like, the cushions? – Did anybody check
in Tana’s cleavage? I mean, I get, you know, wanting to get a little bit
of attention. But, you know, I guess we all
choose different ways to get that attention. Guys, I found a scroll. – Wait, I found a scroll too. – As did I–found a scroll. – What’s it say?
– Wait a minute. – Hold on a sec–
– Mine says, “3B.” – We’re finding
little baby scrolls that have a number and a letter
on them, and a shape. – Okay, well, the shapes
have to mean something. – Three scrolls.
– There’s two rectangles and one triangle. – All right, I found
another one, y’all. I found another one. Of course I did,
because I’m the mother– You cannot be a billionaire without having a strategy. Plus, you got to have
a pretty high IQ. – I had no idea we’re–
[bell dings] [all shouting] – Oh, shit. Oh, shit. – Alison rings the bell. Just like alarms us that
vampires are on their way. But my dress is just
so big and voluptuous. [suspenseful music] – [screaming] ♪ ♪ – Now, the vampire is guarding
the only door that we’re able
to get out of. So we immediately
start looking around for something that can
help us get out of here. – Maybe there’s some sort
of thing that we can use to lure them away. – Lure him–your blood. – My–my blood? – What if you use your blood
to lure him away? – That’s a good idea. – You want to put some
blood in the goblet? – Yeah, let’s try it.
– Okay. – Wait, what’s that? It looks like something
goes there. – Oh.
– You know what that symbol is? That’s the symbol for life,
I’m pretty sure. – How do you know that? – I played Yu-Gi-Oh! as a kid, and there was like a– a card on there that said… – I didn’t go to college.
I’m not very educated. – Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh! is a card game,
so… – Oh.
– Yeah. – I guess I don’t have to go
to college for that. – Oh, wait.
– Oh, my God, a note. There’s a note.
– Okay, “The machine holds the secret to slaying
the king of the vampires.” – The machine holds
the secret… but it’s locked. – Oh, there’s a lock, okay.
– Okay, it’s locked. – All right, we need
to find something… – The keys that we have!
– Another fricking key. Wait, you have the key?
– No, the keys that we used. – These look very different. – We’re testing out every
key on the box. None of them work. We look at the lock,
and I’m looking at the keyhole, and it reminds me of something
that I’ve seen before. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Does this work? – [gasps] No.
– Does this work? Why was this key on my body? Who put that there?
I didn’t dress myself? At what point was I
naked in a carriage? – Oh, it goes in.
– Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
– Whoa! – Ohhh!
– That’s so sick. – Oh, my God. Wait,
am I a vampire? That makes me so confused. We got it off.
Open it. – [gasps]
– It’s a book. – It’s a woman in the book. – [whispering]
Oh, my God. It looks like my grandma. – Okay, so what all do we have? – We have seven scrolls, half a map,
and that’s it. And the key. – So what does
all of this mean? – There’s another scroll.
– Wait, wait. – If had to pick somebody who
might be the smartest guest, I would say maybe Alex? He was looking everywhere. He was thinking
about everything. He’s somebody that we’re not
gonna survive this without. – What, did we find–
– Oh, here’s a box! [all shouting]
– Oh, my God. – Do you have a key?
– I do. – The key that we found earlier
unlocks the small box. Thank God. – Oh, the numbers to the–
[overlapping speech] – Okay, listen, listen. “Recreate the king’s
last game of pool “using these nine
numbered balls. “Leave the others in the pocket. “Use a cue to line
them up perfectly. The room holds
the combination.” – I don’t know what
any of that means. – I do, I do, I do.
I understand. – These.
– Okay. – So 1C. So rectangle,
and it goes here. So 1–so this is 1. – Wait, wait, wait.
Hold on. There’s one missing.
– We’re missing one scroll. – We all need to look
for the last scroll. [dramatic music] – There has to be another one.
– Found it. – Good job. – “The wooden stake
of Van Helsing, “the great hunter of vampires, is in…”
In-bway? In-bed? – I didn’t go to college,
remember? – Okay, “In-bueded
with a dark magic “from the blood of 1,000
dead vampires. “To prevent it being
used to kill him, “Dorian kept it here
in the ballroom. “Three ankhs must be placed
in the machine “and turned upside-down to reveal its location.” – That’s an ankh.
The little, like, thing that you said symbolized life. There’s three of them
in this room. – Okay, let’s look.
– Ankh? – Okay, this door
looks suspicious. – Oh!
– [shouting] Oh, my God. Oh, my God. – Check that one.
Check that one. I find the first cross,
and I’m not surprised. Don’t go too close
to the window. Hold on, I think I just–
I found another one! – Girl! Oh, my God. – Oh, my God, I am such
a good explorer. I found two of them.
– You really are. I want to find one. We’re searching around the room. I am still kind of out of it, so I feel like I’m a waste, and I’m relying so much
on Liza. – Okay, it’s really hidden. That was underneath a seat. Maybe this one’s more in,
like, plain sight? – Yeah, good thinking. – [gasps] Come here, come here,
come here, come here! – Are you insane?
– Wait, I think it’s in there! I think it’s in there! Is it in there?
– Yes, it is! – It is?
– Oh, my God, I found it. – [laughing] No.
– I found the last one. – No, you didn’t. [tense music] – And then three.
– Last one, last one I have is, um, triangle B.
– This goes right there. Put a cue ball, last O,
right there, in the corner. – Oh, God.
– And something’s gonna happen. – Oh, oh.
– Brace yourself. – Are we doing it?
– Put it down. Go. – Oh, the box opened!
– Oh, my God, you guys. – The box opened.
– Oh, shit. – It’s another key!
– Okay, well, what– – Try that.
Try that right there. – Salt jar is empty, though. – So the key opens this
glass case with pool cues, but we need salt, not pool cues. – What did she say
we needed to do? A stake?
– She said that we need– – A circle of salt.
– A circle of salt. – And–and what?
– And then we stab him. – Wait, wait, wait,
are we stabbing someone? I’m not down.
– No, we can’t stab him. – I’m so down.
[bell dings] – It’s ringing! The bell!
– Oh, the bell. Oh, the bell.
– All right, you little shits! – Guys!
– [giggling] You smell nice.
Come with me. Come with me, sweetie! – You guys, help me!
You guys, help! You guys, you’re just
gonna let her take me? – I do not like things
surprising me. The second something pops up,
I am screaming like a three-year-old girl. It’s not pretty.
– Okay, so we need salt. Is it at the bar? – No, there’s no salt over here. We looked everywhere. Check the cue–
check the side of the cues. – Oh, maybe we have to play.
– Who’s got the jar? – Found it.
– You found something? – I found the salt!
– Put it in there! Put it in!
– Put it in! Put it in! – DeStorm realizes that
the bottom of the pool stick opens up, which has
the salt inside it. – That’s why I’m
a billionaire. – I guess that’s all
the salt we need. – Nah, we gonna check the rest
of these doggone sticks. – Maybe just get your hands
a little closer together. – Oh, shit.
– Oh, my God! [screaming] – Now that we have
the three crosses I found, we have to put them onto the machine,
flip them upside down… – And you flip it
upside down. – Flip it upside down
Yeah, yeah. – It’s a book!
– What the heck is that? – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! – Where was the bell?! – [indistinct shouting] – “The only way
past your guard is to impale him
in the heart.” We have to murder him. – We have to kill him? No,I’ve never killed
anybody before. Let alone a vampire. – Hey!
[shouting, grunting] – Oh, shit.
Should I help? [blood spurting] – Damn, girl. – Still don’t trust me? – Are you into murdering? – Let’s go for it. These vampires have
kept me their prisoner, and I’m ready to get
my vengeance. – You do got a lot
to pay back for. They took a lot of your blood. [whispering] Okay. [intense music] – Hey! [eerie music] ♪ ♪ – Ahh! Okay! ♪ ♪ – Stop, stop!
– Joey! – None of you are leaving
this place alive! [together]
Who hasn’t done anything? – We just think that you
should fight for your life. – [screaming] – Oh, shit! – How many more people
have to die? – How do we get out of here? – You guys! – It’s your fault!
You did this! – No, no!
I want to live! – We’re all definitely changing in a bad way.

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