The Brendan Iribe Center For Computer Science and Engineering

There are moments in history that truly
changed the world. “it’s a personal computer from Apple” They transformed the
way we live our lives “You’ve got mail” Can you explain what internet
is? Today we stand at the threshold of the next great innovation a new era in
computer science and era that will transform medicine education gaming and
commerce. and the University of Maryland will lead the revolution (music, Revolution – The Beatles) With the generosity and vision of Oculus
co-founder and CEO Brendan Iribe we are forging the future of computer
science we envision new facilities for work in virtual reality augmented
reality computer vision robotics and artificial intelligence new research in digital security
computational biology and quantum computing increased scholarship
endowment support for students and faculty. Today that vision takes a giant
leap forward as we proudly unveil the Brendan Iribe Center for Computer
Science and Innovation A striking presence at the university’s front door
the Iribe Center will be a hub for technology at the heart of an innovation
ecosystem among high-tech companies government agencies and institutional
colleagues. Inspired by site visits to Facebook Google and Oculus VR, the Iribe
Center is two hundred and fifteen thousand square feet of pure innovation
dynamic makers spaces will be creative workshops buzzing with energy virtual
and augmented reality labs will give students a high-tech environment to
build immersive multimedia experiences A motion-capture lab will give dancers and
athletes the ability to record and perfect movement. Eight collaborative
classrooms will feature interactive technology and collaborative group work
the three hundred-seat Antonov auditorium will bring innovation out of
the lab through a wide range of conferences, hack-a-thons and lectures. People tend to
forget about the reality that humans need. So the sense of having green on the
outside and green various locations on the roof gardens at
various levels allowed people could be connected to nature the real world the same time tethered to
the technology and tied to what they do everyday. Everywhere I go, when I talk about this project, I see people eyes, they light up. When I tell them about the impact of this new technology on surgery, on education, on entertainment, they are just blown away. This is a once-in-a-generation
moment and I am so excited and proud To have the University of Maryland take the lead The Brendan Iribe Center
for Computer Science and Innovation will transform computer science at the
University of Maryland and beyond it will be an inspiration for students, for
faculty to do something amazing here the Here, the next revolution begins (music, Revolution – The Beatles)

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