The ARCHOS 7 160GB Internet Touch Tablet

What you’re looking at right here is the browser screen of the newest portable internet media tablet
on the market, and these things are hot. It’s from Archos. And this is the big daddy.
This is the Archos 7. Of course these guys are known
for making high capacity music jukeboxes for years and years. Now they have come
to the market with one of the coolest
internet media tablets we’ve seen through these studios. What you’re looking at
right now, actually, is the actual web browser
that comes along with this device. But, it has so much functionality
it’s going to literally blow your mind. This will do music, web,
internet, it’s going to do TV. With optional accesories
it will actually perform as a DVR and record all of your TV for you. And, it’s all done with a
really slick interface. It’s got a very responsive touchscreen. You’re never going to
have to be tapping twice to make it respond
to your commands. It’s always ready to go. And, as you can see you can
store your video your music. You can access thousands and
thousands of web radio stations including some of your
local radio stations. It’s actually location aware, and it will actually play you radio stations
right there from your local area. Of course, you can also browse the
thousands and thousands of stations that are listed in here that
aren’t in your local area as well. You can also get to your photos. You can load up Flash games and
Flash applications on this device as well. If you’re a Flash programmer,
or if you just have access to Flash apps, you can load them right on here and use them right in the device. Under TV, you can get online TV
through the web TV button, but really this all goes along
with the optional DVR accessory that will literally allow you to
drop this device into a dock next to your TV, it will record
all of your favorite TV shows for you, and then you can hit
the road with them and watch them on the subway,
on the bus, probably not while you’re driving. But, you have all your
TV shows with you and you’re not watching
them on a tiny screen. You’re watching them on
a big 7 inch display with an 800 X 480 resolution. So, it always looks really fantastic, very high resolution screen. When you go to the internet
you do have a web email client. you do have contact client. You can access all of
your email through this. You set up all of your accounts,
and you can access all of those. It is a true web browser
on this device, as well. And what that means is,
you’re actually going to be able to watch Flash video
with this Archos 7. So, when you go to the web,
a lot of times with portable devices, actually getting to Flash video
is sometimes a problem. not with this,
and it is a full and complete internet experience
with a touchscreen keyboard that’s going to allow you to
use the internet just as you would with your home computer. It does run on a
Linux platform. So all you Linux heads, and all of you people who like
to hack around your devices, this is going to be
very easy to do so. You also have the
Archos media club available to you, which is going to allow you
to purchase movies, music, and games
directly from them. It does have a 160 GB
storage capacity. It has RM CoreX processor on board. As I said 800 X 480 resolution, and it does have wireless b/g built into it. It does have stereo speakers
on the side. It’s got a very shiny,
very cool, metallic finish on it. It’s got a built-in stand, which is what’s been holding
it up this entire time. If you look at the top you have
a couple buttons along the top there. You have your volume,
and your power button, and your charging indicator. Over on the side you have
space for your charger and for your headphones. And on the bottom is where
you’re going to find your set up for your optional DVR station
that can be plugged into the Archos 7. Of course there is a giant line of
accessories that go along with this device. Everything from cases
to docks to tuners
to FM tuners, all available to you. It’s going to be a very cool experience
when you get your hands on one of these because it feels solid. It feels like a very high quality device. And the interface,
and the ability to surf the web is not going to disappoint you. Even if you’re an iPod,
or iPhone user, this is still going
to impress you. The experience is that good
with the Archos 7. Go check this one out, tons of capacity,
huge screen, a perfect companion
for somebody that travels a lot. You can get it right now. To get more info on the
Archos 7 Internet Media Tablet available at 160 GB,
250 GB, and 320 GB versions, go to any of the retailors
you see listed here and search for Archos 7. For Computer TV,
I’m Bauer. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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