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MACIEK: Hi. My name is Maciek,
and I’m a developer for Google Web Designer. Today I’m going to show
you around our new template gallery. The template gallery has
many pre-built ad templates that you can use to make
your own custom ads. To get to the Template Gallery,
open up Google Web Designer and click on the Use Template
button at the Start screen. This brings you to the
Template Gallery Start page, we chose all of the available
ad template formats. These template formats
represent different ad types. Better ad templates are housed
under the banner thumbnail, expanding templates are under
the expanding thumbnail, and so on. This list can be sorted by how
recently a template has been used, how frequently a
template has been used, and by how recently a new
template has been added. Let’s go ahead and check
out some templates. Clicking on a format
thumbnail provides a description of the
format as well as the devices and ad platform
supported by that format. The components supported by
it and the industry verticals are provided as well. Here we see that this
format has seven layouts with many different sizes. Let’s go ahead and
search for a template. Click on the Search
icon in the corner to open up the template filters. Let’s find an expandable ad that
works well on desktop machines. You can also search for a filter
directly from the search bar. Let’s find an ad
with a YouTube player that expands to be
320 by 480 pixels. I see that the expanding
format has a template that I might want to use. This expanding multi-video
layout looks good, so I’m going to go
and preview it. Click the Preview button to
configure the preview options. I’m going to select
the size that I want and the preview browser. This opens a preview that we
can see and interact with. I like this layout, so I’m going
to go ahead and return to Web Designer and customize it. Click Use Layout to go
to the Creation menu. The size is already selected. I’m going to go ahead
and give it a name. Click Create to
make a new document. Once we’ve made a
new document, we can go ahead and customize it. I’m going to go ahead and change
this description text to read, Google Web Designer Tutorials. I have a few
YouTube videos here. I’m going to go ahead and change
which videos they actually play. I can see my changes by
clicking Preview in the corner. I see that my description text
and my video have been updated. I’m gonna go ahead
and save my changes. Now I can save this
creative and use it as a template for creating
new Web Designer tutorials. Go to File, Save As Template
to get to the Template Creation menu. Here you can assign multiple
verticals for the filters. I’m gonna select Expandable,
Desktop, and YouTube Player. I’ll give my template
a name and click Save. Once the template is saved,
we can go back and see it from the Template Gallery. Go to File, New From
Template to open the Gallery. Once you are here, click
on the My Templates tab to see all of your
custom templates. Clicking on the
template will allow you to edit, preview, or use
it to create a new creative. That’s all it takes to navigate
and use the Google Web Designer Template Gallery. Thanks for watching. And be sure to check
out our other videos.


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