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Hello everyone! Welcome to the website of
Looks like, and welcome to Tallinn! This time we are in the Estonian Capital on the road and want to look:
it’s really as pretty as Instagram. promises us that, and what has Tallinn
to actually still offer like that? Let’s go! You can get to Tallinn by the
fastest by plane. From Frankfurt you need about
two and a half hours. If you want more time there is also the possibility to talk about
Stockholm by night train and ferry to to come to Tallinn. It’ll take almost two days. On Instagram you can find over 2 million
Photos with the Hashtag #Tallinn and exactly these are the pictures we want to use as travel guides
use. So, flight we survived. The weather is actually not
Amazing, but let’s take a look, how that develops over the days. and
in the landing approach one has seen, they are relative many blocks of flats, everything looks a bit grey, not really horny yet… Yeah, but that’s usually the way it is.
airports are not necessarily in the in the most beautiful corners of the city.
What it really looks like in Tallinn. let’s take a look at ourselves. From the airport
you can get there within ten minutes via Rail to the city centre, costs only
one euro. For the Estonians, who were are registered, bus and train are available in the
City even completely free. First we move into our accommodation,
an Airbnb apartment for 40 euros per night. And tomorrow it’s going to be right
Go. So… um… yeah. You’re going the right way. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia
and about 800 years old. Live here 430,000 people. About half of them
speaks Estonian, the other half Russian. Top sight: the old town. Here
there is everything that a tourist heart souvenir shops,
Restaurants and a lot of history. It’s this town hall square now.
there’s supposed to be a building here, too. on Instagram, and I’ve found
I think that might be it over there. So at least this looks good, so here.
is of course a bit better weather than today, but that’s when you’re here.
our motive exactly. Ha! The most popular Instagram targets of course overlap to a large extent with the classic tourist destinations and what looks pretty in the photos, want to be analog tourists as well. How’s that supposed to be in summer when the weather’s good? The road is blocked. Per season they land in Tallinn at the 350 cruise ships, an entire
A lot of visitors, then. This seems to be the cathedral we saw in the instagram photo. Now all we have to do is find the spot where it was created. just follow the pack. The church of our Instagram photo is the Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. It was inaugurated in 1900, when Tallinn still belonged to the Russian Empire. The onion domes are actually more reminiscent of the
to Moscow than to Estonia. This is definitely the right place for us to be. A very, very beautiful church, actually such a Russian style sooner or later, as it looks, In any case, a lot of very, very nice Instagram photos were taken here, but of course in nice weather, fewer people, that of course still sees
I’ve got a whole, a whole new look for it. But we’ll get a nice picture, I’d say. Which most people forget: this cathedral is indeed very, very
beautiful, but if you keep looking around, not just the direction, here
there’s an old city wall, here’s Parliament directly opposite, in such a way
a beautiful salmon-coloured stone clay there’s a lot more, a lot more to
actually discover more than just this one church. Take a picture of me, such a beautiful, yes exactly, upright. So? With a lot of nice cathedral? By the way, if you’d like a few more tips.
to us what Tallinn has to offer should be hiring, she likes to write
in the comments below. And even if you think you should definitely go there and there, also like to write to us, we are happy! There’s supposed to be another Instagram hotspot near the cathedral. The writing “The times we had” on the wall of a viewing platform. For all those who want to look into the distance again. Found it! Hopefully this isn’t the line to the
queue here to take pictures… The view from up here is really
beautiful, and especially with the lettering very photogenic. But if you’re looking for the hashtag, it’s easy to see: this motive is not really individual. We found the lettering, it’s exactly what it looks like in the photos. It was said that he was sometimes painted over, he came back, big fuss. The older gentlemen do not seem to be interested at all. They prefer to look at the panorama over Tallinn, which is also very nice, only the young people who naturally find the perspective relatively horny, and we’ll take a picture, of course. Now you have to look so epically into the distance, right? I also wonder why that would be
I’m not uncomfortable with people, a photo shoot somewhere. You sit down somewhere, on a platform like that, and then everyone takes pictures of you, and then you hope, toi-toi-toi, that there’s one for Instagram. Sightseeing makes you hungry, that’s why we leave the first day in Tallinn a little bit Estonian with beer and burgers.
The one next to me is Nico, by the way, Travel companion and cameraman. Conclusion from the first day: Tallinn, old town, city centre, is supertouristic, I don’t think we’ve seen a single native Estonian, but still wonderful, beautiful, also away from the typical Instagram spots there are super many beautiful corners to discover. Of course I’m very satisfied.
for now, and like Tallinn on the outside. looks like, we’ll just take a look.
tomorrow. It’s all a little stressful today. We were actually going to go to our
Destination with the bus, which drives but somehow not now, because it’s
is out of season, since everyone has You guys better figure this out first in your case.
Luckily, we still have a rental car. and here we go, we’re going.
to Hara Harbor. Hara Harbor is a former Soviet submarine port, about an hour and a half outside Tallinn. Today with perfect travel weather.
I think there’s something good about the rain, too. We’re not a fair-weather travel report, but we are Looks Like and we are
show what it really looks like, and when it rains in Estonia – that’s the way it is. Our way leads us out of Tallinn’s
urban area and here it will be relatively it’s pretty rural, isn’t it? The tip with
the harbor we have, by the way. exceptionally not from Instagram,
but by an Estonian friend I’ve got to get this very personal. That’s how classical
horror movies, two young people on the way somewhere in the wilderness to an
abandoned submarine port… Hey, I mean, what’s gonna go wrong? I think we’re almost there. The streets
are getting worse. I think it’s a good sign. And thanks to Navi we actually find our destination. This is where we’re supposed to meet Syrli,
who wants to show us the port. Look at this. Chris, hi, nice to meet you. That’s Nico, the camera guy. I’ve read that’s like a secret space? Is it really that secret anymore? It was, before. Until 1993, when soviet union left, and now it’s more open to the locals and other people. Today the port is for visitors
accessible. You only pay one a small fee of five euros for the
Maintenance and renovation of the plant. In 1953 they started to build this… The main purpose of this was to demagnetise submarines. During their dives, submarines are magnetized by the Earth’s magnetic field. It’s generally bad for submarines to be magnetic, because it makes them easier for magnetic mines and torpedoes to detect. Here in this submarine port.
so they are regularly demagnetized. Top secret, of course. The people in the areas around, did they know, that there was a secret submarine base here? Or was it like ‘we don’t know, we don’t care’? Yeah, they knew. When they wanted to enter here, or walk through here, then they of course had to show their license, and say the reason why they were coming here, but mostly they didn’t go through here. So they did know that there was something secret going on here, but not really, what it was. Yes, exactly. Do you think there is something left of the soviet past? Yes, everything now reminds, so we all tried to imagine what was going on here. All this history. They left a big legacy for us. The traces that the Soviet Union has left
Estonia have left, will be held in places like this, of course, very clearly. Today
this place is also used by graffiti artists. I find it here mega horny, it is of course a a little creepy because this whole pier
is as vulnerable to collapse and all, but there’s graffiti everywhere, everything’s falling.
so it’s this morbid charm of these lost places.
I think some people, and above all. Instagram photographers their true joy
on that place. Hara Harbor is a really special place.
History to touch, and directly next to street art and graffiti.
Maybe that’s exactly what’s typical of Estonia, a bit morbid, but somehow
still pretty. The club that takes care of the area,
wants to continue restoring the harbour. Overnight accommodation should be available on the shore.
seminar rooms and a café. *Music* The abandoned submarine port was a bitch,
what the Soviets are doing here. and most of all, the fact that they have left behind
how the whole of Estonia has been shaped. Once you get around here.
I’m sure you’ll take a look at it. We’re going back to Tallinn for the beer tasting. We’re back in Tallinn, the sun has come out, just in time for our beer tasting. or beer drinking. Cause we’re gonna meet my friends now. former au pair, Marilyn, I haven’t seen her in 20 years, but she’s coming. here from Estonia, and let’s see what she has to say about her city. The brewery where we meet is one of many craft beer breweries in Tallinn. in the last few years it has turned into a
the right scene. Every year a Craftbeer Festival takes place here. You can almost see right there where his beer
is freshly brewed. Hello! It’s good to see you! A little taller. In 20 years. You don’t, do you? In width.
Although, I was still so… Awesome! This is Nico.
Cameraman. In 1999, 20 years ago. Marilyn in Germany for one year
and I’ve been living and working on me and my Watch your siblings. Since then she has lived
back in Tallinn and works in an big IT company. A few photos from the past
I brought it with me, of course. 1999? Have we seen each other in between? I don’t think so, do I? 20 years, that’s gross, right? After a first update it will be finally Time for our beer tasting. Well, it
there’s a lot of craft beer here, and we’ve been ordered some of these now. I have
I’m afraid we’ve forgotten again what which is, but I think this is a
Pilsener that something with fruit, this is something about… that was coffee and
and coconut…. Well then… Cheers! Do you have to swing it like a wine like that and then let it breathe a little? Depends on how fancy you want to look. Not bad either. It smells like cocoa with coconut, doesn’t it? This is delicious! Hmmmm! Hmmm, try some, Nico. It tastes like pouring coffee into a Guinness again. then again a little bit… coconut Well, Estonians can brew beer. Is it true, young people come to Tallinn to do horny stuff? Or how does it work? Especially IT, startups and stuff. The scene is crazy here. We’ve got 500, 600, 700 jobs open, anytime. There aren’t that many people in Estonia,
it’s starting to feel like Silicon Valley, where the companies hire people from college on. But is this… I imagine the supernerdy – is it nerdy or is it rather cool? It’s nerdy, but it’s also cool. So nerdy’s cool in Estonia. Ah, okay. What I have seen of the city so far in cool corners is also quite cool, really cool, but for me this cool nerdige is still: all play super many video games, all know each other
I’m really good with Pokémon, they’re all such expert nerds. Is that for real? It’s real. We have people who… Table games? Or what’s it called? Ah so, board games. That’s it. They’ve got 30, 40 board games on the table, and they’re going to board game camp. This is so hip, this is almost embarrassing again. But is there anything else, perhaps, that is typically Estonian? Or what are people like? Serious, very dry humor. Usually when someone comes and asks something, a tourist, always friendly, but always for yourself. Yeah, Nordic. And like that on pub night.
is so, after the third beer also I was talking about politics again.
In 1993, the Soviets virtually ran away from Estonia. And we always wonder if there’s another dark shadow hanging behind, it’s still the case that as an Estonian you hear the dark past, the horror stories, or how does that feel? As Estonian, today? It depends on the generation, of course.
For example, my generation and older They were there, they heard everything. And there’s actually quite, quite a lot of Russian hatred and there are a lot of problems about it. And people always have prejudices against Russia and against Russians. At the moment it is very hotly discussed, whether to teach only in Estonian
should or shouldn’t be. Because right now. Estonian schools and Russian schools and it is very hot discussed. Exciting! Yes, well, in that sense… Cheers! Oh, God, fresh air! Good. Marilyn wants to show us another bar. In the trendy Kalamaja district. There’s not only beer here.
supposedly some pretty smart snacks. This is real authentic Estonian potato salad now. Marilyn says her mother makes it a little better, but we’ll see if he can do anything here. And he can do something. Hmmmm! Very good. Yummy?
Cheese on sandwich – what can you do wrong? Marilyn now thinks that we very, very urgently need to eat Kepsikakook or something. it’s some kind of cookie cake, so the in the Soviet Union at that time.
I’ve eaten a lot of food, that’s why I’m a cookie, Cream, biscuit, jam, biscuit, chocolate. And with full belly and very satisfied
we’re going home slowly. A new day in Tallinn and finally
we’ll get lucky with the weather, the sun is shining, it is directly beautiful, and today we are on the way to Telliskivi, this is the hipster district.
quasi from Tallinn a former… I think freight yard, or wagons were built there, something like that, and now is it’s a hip neighborhood, there are technical startups, there’s a lot of street art. cool cafes, hip burger shops,
probably how you know that and even a flea market today. We’re trying
to find a nice street art painting, That, seen on Instagram.
because this whole neighborhood’s looking up to you. Instagram of course wonderfully beautiful. What it’s really like and if it’s really like this. hip is how we think – let’s have a look. *Music* Telliskivi means translated to German
“Brick.” In Soviet times. Railroads repaired. Since 2007
the neighbourhood develops into a creative centre of Tallinn. with startup offices, shops and almost 600 events. and concerts per year. So you see
kind of direct, that looks really hip, they’re old brick buildings, everywhere.
there is art on the walls, there is a Flea market, looks totally different than the
Old town, which we have already seen and I really like it. At the flea market you will find
here all sorts of things, clothes, jewelry, tools, but also mushrooms and even
Weapons. Not really the typical Hipster flea market. Near the
There’s another flea market. Antiques hall. After all.
old Russian uniforms and even T-shirts with Putin on a bear
rides. I don’t know… In terms of flea market technology, this really is a
not successful, well, maybe simply Russian old military uniforms
not so my taste. Too bad, no souvenir for me, but we have another mission to complete in Telliskivi. There is a lot of street art here in Telliskivi. And I picked out two pictures I found on Instagram, and we’ll see if we can use these.
somewhere. It’s really not hard to find street art here. There is both classical Graffiti and really elaborate paintings. Here
Instagram of the travel guide. I think I found it, that’s what it looks like.
at least a lot like it. This bridge here, here, and this could be our guy with the stone head. Up there! First Streetart painting: check. And it looks almost exactly like the photo. A quick picture of the evidence,
and we’re moving on. Here, come here. I think I found the hamster. Well, the junk on the wall, at least. Mega cool, there’s one made of junk probably, from old car parts a hamster. Looks of course also again on the photo
a little more beautiful… but with the right filter, we’re gonna make this big. Yes! Street art! If you are already in Telliskivi, you should also visit Fotografiska. Here are photo exhibitions of world famous photographers, and on the top floor a restaurant with a beautiful view over Telliskivi and Tallinn. And free of charge. As far as the Internet and digitisation are concerned, Estonia is definitely ahead. They belong to the two, three countries on earth with the best Internet, and the Estonians can online their office matters
so paperwork, contracts. and even choose online.
There are supposed to be WLAN spots all over Tallinn, which are official and freely accessible, where you can surf for free. I have on my phone now but
in this neighborhood right now. With the mobile Internet, it’s
but super good, so here you have both in Tallinn itself and outdoors
super fast internet. We were at a subway station like this yesterday… We were at a submarine station yesterday. and even there, really in the middle
of Wallachia, there was super-fast Internet. Well, hats off, Estonia – not bad. My conclusion about Tallinn: it is a wonderful city, but also a little bit
two-fold: on the one hand you can see everywhere traces of the Soviets and
sometimes you get the feeling that the I’m gonna give people that a little bit more
that dark past is hanging over me. maybe even, and on the other.
page there are many young hippe People, just so tech geeks who are here
mega many start-ups and and it’s really a gold mine in terms of instagrams, one has the beautiful old town, where one can
the classic hotspots, but also around it there are super nice corners, it is definitely worth a trip. Before we go home, we’ll stop by the Noblessner Viertel again. In the past. Ships built, today one finds fancy
Architecture, cafés and galleries, there are also 200 apartments in total
here. They belong to the most expensive in Tallinn. Most of these buildings are barely three years old. That’s it for today from Looks Like
Tallinn. I hope you had just as much Fun traveling with us like we do, and when
you liked it then let also I’d like to add a comment and subscribe
our canal, and then we’ll see each other. hopefully the next time again at
Looks like on WDR trips.


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