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Google Home: Supports multiple users

Woman: This is Google Home. It now supports multiple users, which is really just a fancy way of saying this thing knows the difference between your voice and other people’s voices. So if you say, “Hey, Google, call Mom”… Google Assistant: Okay, calling Mom. Woman: It’ll call your mom, not just anyone’s mom. Because that

How to Set Up Website Architecture

If you are an early stage entrepreneur, just about to launch your very first business website, or if you already have a website but are going through a much needed website overhaul and redesign, I’d like to leave you with this very important piece of advice. A mistake that I see many entrepreneurs do over

How to Prevent Website Malware Infections

Hi I’m Chris with Tiny Frog Technologies and I want to talk to you a little bit about security topics on your WordPress website. I get questions like how important are security scans? Well to keep your website free from malware you’ll need to have security scanning software installed on your server where your website

HTML – Audio Playlist

hey guys what’s up several years ago I made a video about an html5 audio player and call it HTML audio player and It got about 30,000 views which is awesome thanks for all those who watched that one but i got a question about how to make a list of songs so that’s what