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5G rollout: Regulatory hurdles | IN 60 SECONDS

Barriers to 5G wireless networks are regulatory – not technical. While the FCC is taking steps to modernize existing deployment regulations, most regulatory decisions about 5G will be made at the local level. In California, San Jose and Sacramento have taken vastly different approaches to 5G. San Jose sees 5G rollout as rent extraction, charging

Broadband you can control with an app

Vodafone introduces new home broadband. Broadband you can control with an app. Hello darling Hey Remember Dad, bedtime at 9 Bedtime at 9 Have fun Bye I thought you said you’d never played it though [laughs] I am the greatest swordsman in the world It’s broadband you can control. So if you say 9pm is

Spectrum Sharing Shows Promise for Broadband in Rural America | CoBank Knowledge Exchange Brief

The wireless industry is embarking on a new business model that will help the likes of wireless ISPs – also known as WISPs – electric distributor co-ops, and regional cable companies help bridge the urban-rural digital divide. This new model has three attractive characteristics. The first one is network performance. Instead of having to spend