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Broadband you can control with an app

Vodafone introduces new home broadband. Broadband you can control with an app. Hello darling Hey Remember Dad, bedtime at 9 Bedtime at 9 Have fun Bye I thought you said you’d never played it though [laughs] I am the greatest swordsman in the world It’s broadband you can control. So if you say 9pm is

Spectrum Sharing Shows Promise for Broadband in Rural America | CoBank Knowledge Exchange Brief

The wireless industry is embarking on a new business model that will help the likes of wireless ISPs – also known as WISPs – electric distributor co-ops, and regional cable companies help bridge the urban-rural digital divide. This new model has three attractive characteristics. The first one is network performance. Instead of having to spend

Google Wifi, a new approach to home Wi-Fi

Introducing Google Wifi. It’s a new home Wi-Fi system that replaces your existing router. Wifi points are placed throughout the home, and work together to provide wall-to-wall coverage. With features like Wifi Pause, you get to take control of your network and enjoy a little more family time. It’s just one of the ways it