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Namecheap Website Builder Tutorial

With Namecheap’s Website Builder, creating your website is fast and easy Already included in our Shared Hosting plans Select from 200 fully-equipped templates And voilà! You’re already building Drag-and-drop makes things flexible While a variety of languages targets your audience Wherever you may be Whether you’re setting up an online shop Creating your personal portfolio

How to Create a Mobile-Wise Design

Hello, this is Mikel Bruce with Tiny Frog Technologies. I’d like to talk a little bit about poor mobile usability. As you can imagine, mobile viewing is such a big deal nowadays for websites, mainly because there’s a large portion of the website visitors or users who will land on your website and view it

Use a public website with Office 365

– [Instructor] If you have a public website already, you can leave it where it is and use Office 365 for everything else like email and collaboration. If you don’t have a website and want to set one up, consider one of our website partners. From the Admin center go to resources, then public website.