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Block quotes – Web design tutorial

Block Quotes. These can be added when we want to bring in a block of text that’s quoting another source — an excerpt, for example. Just like all text-based content, we can double-click to edit, and we can paste in our excerpt. Now by default, a Block Quote is also styled with both padding and

Image field – Webflow CMS tutorial

The Image field. To say it’s life-changing in the context of CMS is hyperbole. But it’s not. Here’s why: You might be thinking to yourself, “isn’t this just a field that lets someone upload an image? And to make it work, don’t I choose an image element and bind that Image field to it?” Well,

Building a web form – Web design tutorial

Forms of course can capture valuable information — and their design and functionality can easily make or break the user experience. Five things we’re covering: adding a form, anatomy of a form, configuring form elements, success and error messages, and finally, form submissions. We’ll start with adding. We’ll visit the Elements Panel and go down

Headings – Web design tutorial

Headings are more than just big text. Humans and search engines quickly scan through headings to determine the content on your page. When we add a heading to our project, when we drop in a heading, we are instantly given an option to define that type of heading. Is it an H1? An H2? NH3