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Background styles overview – Webflow CSS tutorial (using the Old UI)

Whether it’s a section or a div block or a hidden message containing the recipe for Grandma Daisy’s world-famous tuna sandwich, setting the Background on an element give us enormous control over appearance and legibility. For now, we’ll go into a quick overview on Background color, Background image, gradients, and solid colors (or overlays). Let’s

Padding & Margin (Spacing) – Web design tutorial (using the Old UI)

Padding and margin can add space or breathing room inside or outside of an element’s boundary. Padding creates space on the inside, while margin creates space on the outside. Let’s explore four different aspects of padding and margin: Individual Sides, Complementary Sides, All Sides, and then Negative Margin. Let’s start with Individual Sides. Here’s a

Paragraphs – Web design tutorial

Paragraphs — in many cases — contain most of the text on a given page. We’re gonna cover three aspects of creating and styling paragraphs: adding paragraphs to our project, adjusting spacing between paragraphs, and adding custom styling to our paragraphs. When we go in and add a paragraph element — when we drag it

Introduction to web design principles — The Freelancer’s Journey (Part 11 of 43)

Any time you hear someone say great design skills are just something you’re born with, stop listening at once. Fortunately, people who say that don’t comprise a particularly large population, and that’s a good thing because history is plagued with this kind of exclusivity. Some people think there are simply those with taste and those