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Response Headers – Web Development

We have our basic response status line and just like the request, the status line is followed by a number of headers. I give you a few examples. Here are some headers that are commonly included with http responses. Now just like the client request, the headers that you see aren’t always the same. Some

Interview with Neil – Web Development

Hey everybody. We are joined right now by my friend Neil Williams, who is currently the lead engineer at Reddit. Maybe you can tell them a little bit about what your job entails these days.>>Well, I basically focus first on fixing anything if it’s broken, and otherwise I try to figure out what’s, what’s the

Intro – Web Development

Hi, I’m Sean Bennett, and I’ll be TAing Steve’s course on Web Application Engineering, where–by the end of the course– you’ll have a Web app–up and running– on Google App Engine. This is my first term at Udacity, and I’m really excited to help everyone out. I’m going to be helping you get Google App

Session Info – Web Development

Our last question was about cookies. This person had an interesting point about whether or not storing the session info in the database was actually better or not. In the general case, the answer is no. If you’re storing sessions in the database, that probably means you’re hitting the database on every page request. Because

Problems with Get – Web Development

Okay. So we talked about some of the differences; now let’s talk about what happens if you don’t obey those rules. I remember, about–this is probably 6 or 7 years ago now, when we first starting Reddit– there was a program online called Basecamp, and it’s made by a company called 37 Signals– and it’s