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Creating CSS Grid

[MUSIC] The web has always been traditionally very document-centric.>>People have always been asking for better layouts.>>Most of the conversations ended up the same way, complaining about all the dirty hacks they had to do.>>That hacks that we were employing weren’t as powerful as the old methods of just, put it all in a big, old

Introducing Gmail Blue

Gmail Blue was part of the initial conception for Gmail when it was launched. At the time the technology was simply not there. The culture of Google really is to incorporate Moonshot thinking into every project. It’s taken us six years to develop the technology to achieve Gmail Blue. Our major challenge was how do

Google+: New Dad

I’ve never really liked anything as much as I like being a dad. I mean the first week after we brought him home, I went way, way overboard with the pictures. Even his mom was like, you need to chill out, man. I just didn’t want to forget that stuff. You know? But then I