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How Cells Become Specialized

Captions are on! Click the CC button at bottom right if you wish to turn them off. Follow us on Twitter (@AmoebaSisters) and Facebook! We’ve mentioned a lot about specialized cells. Specialized plant cells. Specialized animal cells. So many kinds of specialized cells…it’s going to get a bit crowded here. But have you ever wondered…how

The Power of SVG for Web Design

hey everybody thanks for coming back after lunch I know we all had like lots of food and wine and stuff but we’re gonna be talking about something that I find really exciting this afternoon and hopefully you do too the title of this talk is SPG can do that part of the reason why

Adding Data to an ASP.NET Core Website | ASP.NET Core 101 [3 of 13]

>>Hey, we’re making an ASP.NET website in this ASP.NET 101 series, and we did a Hello World.>>Yes.>>I’m feeling pretty successful already.>>That’s pretty great. Self-esteem.>>Self-esteem is an all time high.>>Yes.>>Let’s add some data to our website. Now, when we last left our heroes, we had made the Contoso Crafts website. It’s a local website, and all

ESP32 Internet Radio Update

Dear friends welcome to another video! This is Nick from educ8s.tv and today I am going to show you the updated version of the ESP32 Internet radio. Let’s get started! A few weeks ago, I built this Internet radio device using an ESP32 board and an MP3 decoder module. You can check the detailed video