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Broadband network from Auckland to Northland

Northland organisations are backing the new broadband network currently under construction from Auckland to Northland. The first phase of the network has been completed in Whangarei and the local Maori community can’t wait for the benefits it brings. Anzac Pikia reports. With modern technology, Maori children and youth will return to their marae in the

HTML Tutorial – 09 – Presentational Markup

The presentational markup is used to describe the appearance of text. However, it is recommended that we use Cascading Style Sheets instead for handling all kinds of style information. First we have the text styles: bold, italic , underlined, and strike-through/. Bold and italic are still commonly used text styles, but underlined and both strike-through

HTML Tutorial – 01 – Introduction to HTML

Hello and welcome to Programming Video Tutorials. In this lecture we’ll going to cover HTML, or the HyperText Markup Language, which is the worldwide standard language for creating web pages. It’s a simple language used to format documents using a set of pre-defined markup tags – such as headings, paragraphs and tables. These tags are

Maori happy to work with Chinese broadband company

The Government denies accusations that NZ will be vulnerable if they continue to work openly with the world’s IT business giants. Jasmyn Pearson interviewed a Maori internet company today. Maori IT companies are in their teething stages. That’s why they’ve explored different options overseas. This is the Chinese company that has been black-listed from doing