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Google Home: Supports multiple users

Woman: This is Google Home. It now supports multiple users, which is really just a fancy way of saying this thing knows the difference between your voice and other people’s voices. So if you say, “Hey, Google, call Mom”… Google Assistant: Okay, calling Mom. Woman: It’ll call your mom, not just anyone’s mom. Because that

7 Best Sketchup Plugins

Hey, what is up, nation? In this session I’m gonna be going over my seven favorite plugins to use in Sketchup. All right, so the first thing I just wanted to tell you guys about, is that I use Sketchup for architecture mainly. So, if you use Sketchup for architecture, these are gonna be helpful

Taking a break….

I’m taking a break. Hey there measuregeeks. Julian here back with another video. Today, we have a little bit of an update to this channel. Now, you’re probably watching this around Christmas. So if you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas . And we are right before a new decade here of 2020. So the updates are

Web Development – What is Hyperlink

Hello and welcome to web technology core concepts at Learning Journal. In these videos, we are trying to build a sound foundation for learning and understanding things related to web technologies. Hyperlinks are one of the most important constituents of a website. We already talked about hyperlink or simply a link in an earlier video.