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WordPress: Hyperlinks

Hi everyone in this tutorial I’m going to show you guys how to hyperlink which is also the alternative for using buttons on wordpress.com since wordpress does not have buttons on it currently if you don’t know what a hyperlink it’s basically something that takes you to something else for example if you click on


[INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] DOUG LLOYD: So near CS50’s end, we introduce you to several different programming languages, and we aren’t able to cover them in nearly as much depth as we’re able to cover C earlier in the course. The goal here is not to give you a complete rundown of what these languages do,

How to create hyperlink in Microsoft Word

How to create hyperlink in Microsoft Word Open Ms Word Write your text Highlight the text that you want to convert into a hyperlink Right click and select hyperlink Enter your URL destination (ex : Youtube) Let’s try click that link Now let’s try link to another document Navigate to the file / document that