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Why Your Public Transportation Sucks | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Hmm. It’s show day. Hmm. I gotta get to work. Never? Wait! Watch the elbows! I’m not gonna make it. “Attention, passengers, we are experiencing delays due to signal malfunctions.” “Attention, passengers, we are currently delayed due to train traffic ahead of us.” “We are currently delayed.” “We are currently delayed. Delayed. Delayed.” “The bus

Hyperdrive | Official Trailer | Netflix

Absolutely nothing compares to the spectacle you are about to see.-I love you. Good luck. -Love you, too.Like The Fast and the Furious, but in real life.This industrial complex has been transformed into ten of the most insane racecourses ever imagined. A six-story monstrosity that will show us exactly what these drivers are made of.