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Site Performance For Webmasters

>> OHYE: Hi, my name is Maile Ohye. I work at Google as a Developer Programs Tech Lead and I manage our webmaster central blog. I like to help you better understand how Google approaches site performance and also to help you feel more comfortable in taking those first steps to making your site faster.

Compass: Rural Broadband

(slow music) – [Voiceover] The following program is a production of Pioneer Public Television. (slow music) (slow rhythmic music) (slow rhythmic music) – Hello and welcome to this edition of Compass, a new program from Pioneer Public Television. This week on Compass, we’re going to take a look at broadband. Many of you wonder what

Broadband you can control with an app

Vodafone introduces new home broadband. Broadband you can control with an app. Hello darling Hey Remember Dad, bedtime at 9 Bedtime at 9 Have fun Bye I thought you said you’d never played it though [laughs] I am the greatest swordsman in the world It’s broadband you can control. So if you say 9pm is