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What Is Broadband? | Internet Setup

Basically, broadband is, kind of, like a ‘catch-all’ term that handled every kind of internet connection that is not dial-up and that is steady and constant. It was basically a way for internet providers to differentiate between dial-up, back when dial-up was popular, and the newer DSL, cable, FiOS; all kinds of, you know, newer

Un Día sin Internet

What happened? A DAY WITHOUT INTERNET [Time: 5 minutes] [Skepticism] Cool, everything will be fine. Everything is going to be veery find. I just have to disconnect the cable from the router and in 20 seconds… Hello, friend. Wait me in the chat, I’m connecting, relax! [Time: 10 minutes] [Anger] YOU FUCKING ROUTER! YOU MOTHERFUCKING

How to SETUP your home internet

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