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2013 Web Development at Humber

Caroline Shaw: Tonight we’re having our portfolio show which happens at the end of May every year. I have a couple of projects in my portfolio. One of them is a website targeted towards people who are traveling across the country and are looking for something to do. We do a lot of ASP.NET in

Responsive Design Tips and Benefits

If there’s one single change you should make to your website in 2013 it’s to embrace responsive design. If you’re not aware of what responsive design is, it’s when you go to a website that resizes its design to fit the device that it’s on; whether that be a mobile, a tablet, a desktop, or

What is Responsive Design | Happy Box Media

Responsive Design Script So right now you’re probably wondering What is Responsive Design? Well in today world Internet is one of the most important forms of media And the internets mostly consumed using desktop computers right? But wait — how about mobile devices? Smart phones and tablets. The share of internet usage on these devices