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What is Responsive Design?

So… right now you’re probably wondering, what is responsive design? Well, in today’s world, internet is one of the most important forms of media. And the internet is mostly consumed using desktop computers, right? But wait! What about mobile devices, smartphones and tablets? The share of internet usage on these devices is growing every day.

Responsive Web Design Lesson 01 (1 of 3)

This is Responsive Web Design, an online course developed by Aquent. Responsive Web Design, or Promote Yourself Responsively, Build a Portfolio For All Devices. This is lesson one, What Is Responsive Web Design. This lesson will promise to be quick, useful. There’ll be no coding involved, although don’t get used to that, because upcoming lessons

Edge Conf 2: Responsive Images

MARCUS: This is Yav [? Weiss. ?] I’ll try to keep everything very brief. As we get established. So Yov’s been doing quite a lot of work with responsive images of late. He’s heavily involved in the responsive images community group. Then we have Peter Miller. So Peter Miller is a developer who works on