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What is a responsive logo?

– Hey folks, so you probably have heard the term responsive website design. If you haven’t, in a nutshell what that means is that your website will adjust its layout to fit whatever size of display the viewer is looking at the website. Just like responsive websites, the modern logo has to be responsive, too.

Setting up Chrome’s Dev Tools

I’ll open up Chrome Dev tools emulator, and look at a mobile view of the web fundamentals site. I’ll open Chrome, navigate to Web Fundamentals, then open the Chrome Developer Tools, using Cmd+Option+J, or Control+Alt+J. Next, I’ll hit the emulator button. It’s that phone looking icon in the toolbar. Great, the emulator is ready to

What is Mobile Responsive Website Design?

Right now you’re probably wondering, what is Responsive Design? Well in today’s world Internet is one of the most important forms of media and the Internet is mostly consumed using desktop computers right? But wait, how about mobile devices, smart phones and tablets. The share of internet usage on these devices is growing every day.