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Stephen Colbert: “America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t” | Talks at Google

[APPLAUSE] STEPHEN COLBERT: Thank you. ERIC SCHMIDT: Welcome to Google. STEPHEN COLBERT: A pleasure to be here in the flesh. I watch you guys online all the time. Really great show. It’s slow, but you just never know where the plot’s going. ERIC SCHMIDT: We have asked our employees what questions they have. I’m going

Google vs US attorneys general | IN 60 SECONDS

Attorneys general from 48 states, Puerto Rico, and DC recently announced that they’re investigating Google for possible antitrust violations. The AG’s want a say in how Google manages advertising, uses AI, and displays search results. Let’s see: Attorneys with political aspirations want to control business strategy for one of the world’s most complex tech companies.

5G rollout: Regulatory hurdles | IN 60 SECONDS

Barriers to 5G wireless networks are regulatory – not technical. While the FCC is taking steps to modernize existing deployment regulations, most regulatory decisions about 5G will be made at the local level. In California, San Jose and Sacramento have taken vastly different approaches to 5G. San Jose sees 5G rollout as rent extraction, charging

Labour to nationalise broadband giving every home free fast WiFi – The News

 Every home and business in the country will get free superfast, secure and reliable internet connection within ten years under Labour plans to renationalise the broadband network  The next Labour government will bring parts of BT, which is responsible for fibre broadband roll-out, into public ownership  A new body, British Broadband, would be set up