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Wiring, JavaScript, and ROS

This screencast is Wiring, Javascript, and ROS and like our previous screencast notes are available in a pastebin in the description also it’s recommended you watch this video inside a Youtube player because we make use of annotations so what we’re gonna be doing today is actually controlling a web page via ROS from an

How to check the internet connection

How to check the internet connection’s working. First of all we click on start menu and type “cmd”. Type in cmd “ping -t” and then press enter. We can also type “ping www.google.com -t”. The continuous reply from google means internet connection runnig good. If the cmd shows the “request timed out” means poor

How to Pick the Best Wifi Router

– Welcome to Quick Fix, the show where I answer your most commonly asked tech questions in ninety seconds or less. Today, we’re getting sexy, and talking about WiFi routers. Start the clock. (music) There is nothing worse than slow WiFi, except maybe slower WiFi than what you’re paying for. Which is why getting a