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What happened to Jimmy Hoffa – is Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman based on a true story? – Latest Ne

 Martin Scorsese’s latest mob film, The Irishman, is now available on Netflix, after a limited theatrical release and festival circuit  The Goodfellas director assembled his old crew – Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci – to create the 3 5 hour-long masterpiece, which earned a 4.5 star review from Metro.co.uk.  Using CGI to

How to Watch Netflix on DISH

Hey guys, Nadine here. Let me show you how to access Netflix on your DISH Hopper 3 or Hopper w/Sling. The first way is to enter channel 370 on your remote. Or you can select the Apps tile from your Hopper’s Menu, and then choose “Netflix.” Sign in using your existing Netflix account, or create

Broadband you can control with an app

Vodafone introduces new home broadband. Broadband you can control with an app. Hello darling Hey Remember Dad, bedtime at 9 Bedtime at 9 Have fun Bye I thought you said you’d never played it though [laughs] I am the greatest swordsman in the world It’s broadband you can control. So if you say 9pm is

Representation for All on The Mirror Network | We The Internet TV

Representation matters, especially in Hollywood. The entertainment industry is more inclusive than ever before, with large numbers of diverse voices telling critically acclaimed stories about marginalized people. But some people are still being left out. [JASON] Yeah, I could turn on the TV and watch a well-written story about people who are different from me.