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Xbox Live Unity plugin overview

The Xbox Live Plug-in for Unity is the total package for adding Xbox Live features to your Xbox Live Creators Program Title. The plugin contains prefabs to cut down development time for adding Xbox Live sign-in stats friend lists cloud storage and leaderboards to your title. The scripts included encompass the code and coding patterns

La Réalité Augmentée arrive et ça va être énorme ! (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook)

Augmented reality is this technology which consists of superimposing digital information on top of reality. It’s been a few years now that it has landed on your smartphones and if the technology has nevertheless been rather discreet until now, augmented reality glasses could well replace your smartphones in the next few years. But what about

How Apple is acting more like Google

– So we’re here in San Jose, California, just after the end of Apple’s WWDC 2018 developers’ Keynote, and you know what? This was the most Google keynote that Apple has ever presented. What do I mean by that? Apple announced a ton of stuff that is almost exactly like what Google announced at Google