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Taking a break….

I’m taking a break. Hey there measuregeeks. Julian here back with another video. Today, we have a little bit of an update to this channel. Now, you’re probably watching this around Christmas. So if you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas . And we are right before a new decade here of 2020. So the updates are

WooCommerce Smart Coupons plugin introduction

Everyone loves coupons. Customers love them for the discounts and Store owners love them for additional revenue and engagement. WooCommerce has out of box support for coupons, and Smart Coupons transforms into the most comprehensive solution for discount coupons, gift cards, store credits and more. The best thing about Smart Coupons is that it is

New Affiliate Marketing Website Case Study – Month 6… My Source For Writers Revealed!

Hey! Miles here, milesbeckler.com. This video is month number six of my affiliate marketing website case study where I’m starting from scratch in a brand new niche, building a website from zero and documenting every 30 days here on YouTube. What’s the progress? So in this video you’re going to learn, um, what major accomplishments

Ranking a Local Service Business Website to Position #1 (In-depth guide) – Introduction to SEO ep. 1

this video acts as an introduction to a series we’re going to run here that runs you through running a website from start to finish getting from completely nothing to a first position ranking through your target keyword in the service based industry whether you’re a plumber an electrician pest control anything that the client