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Most Popular Websites 1996 – 2019

Aol. is an American web portal and online services provider Yahoo is an American web portal, search engine and related services MSN is a web portal and related services for Windows, provided by Microsoft Lycos is a web search engine and web portal Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace eBay is a website, that

Design and Create a Website Using Adobe XD / JAMStack / CSS / React / Gatsby / Contentful / Netlify

Hey, I’m Hunter from Skillthrive and in this video we’re going to be designing, coding, and deploying a site from scratch using technologies like Adobe XD, Contentful, Gatsby, React, GraphQL, Javascript, and more. So that’s over 3.5 hours of free content. But don’t worry. I broke it into 26 videos that are about 7.5 minutes

Build a Tribute Page

For this project we are going to build a tribute page Here is what my tribute page looks like You can see it’s a tribute to Dr. Norman Borlaug Who is someone who has inspired me a tremendous amount He is a geneticist and an agricultural researcher who, during the (19)40s, 50s and 60s pioneered